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Office:  Room 94

PEA 101A - Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition
PEA 103 - Weight Training
PEA 116/216 - Tennis I & II

After graduating from Cedar Springs High School in 2004, Jimmy attended MCC for one year, where he played basketball for the Jayhawks. He then transferred to Grace Bible College, where he played basketball for three more years.  He earned two Bachelor degrees in five years while dual enrolling at Grace and Davenport University.  He graduated with a Bachelors in Religious Education with emphasis in Business and a Bachelors in Business Management.  He is currently back in school to earn his teachers certificate in Elementary Mathematics. 

Jimmy and his wife Jennifer have been married for five years and currently reside in Sparta.


Office:  804 - Gymnasium

PEA 101 - Weight Training

Mark Brunger is a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a BS degree in Physical Education and an MA in Educational Leadership. He attended Muskegon Community College from 1991-93.

Mark is currently the head coach of the Muskegon Community College wrestling team. He also teaches technology at Three Oaks Public School Academy in Muskegon.  He lives in Fruitport with his wife Cristy and son Reese.



Office: 801 - Gymnasium

PEA 114 - Golf I
PEA 214 - Golf II


Dave Buchan attended Muskegon Community College from 1964-1966.  He is a 1969 graduate of Western Michigan University with a Bachelors degree majoring in physical education.  Dave taught physical education and health at the Oakridge Middle School for 28 years.  He also taught for the Natural Golf Corporation out of Chicago for 12 years.  He joined the MCC staff as an adjunct instructor in golf in 2008.

Dave and his wife have two sons and four grandchildren.  In his spare time Dave loves to golf whenever he can and sings in a local barber shop chorus. 


Office: 801 – Gymnasium

PEA 101A - Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition
PEA 104 – Walking, Jogging and Conditioning
PEA 156 – Beach Volleyball

Sarah is a 1979 graduate of Muskegon Community College , where she was a volleyball player and received the Athlete of the Year Award. In the fall of 1979 she continued her education and volleyball career at Hillsdale College . She received her teaching degree from Grand Valley State University and a Masters Degree from Marygrove College . 

Currently she is an elementary Health and Physical Education teacher in the Spring Lake School District . She is also the Assistant Athletic Director as well as the Head Varsity Volleyball Coach and Assistant Softball Coach.

Sarah and her husband, Tim, (also a volleyball player) have two daughters who are volleyball players as well.  Betsy is an Alma College graduate and works for a medical supply company in Grand Rapids.  Cassidy is currently attending Hope College and will graduate with a degree in Special Education.  Both girls have played volleyball at their colleges for 4 years. 



Office: 158 

PEA 100C - Yoga I
PEA 200 - Kundalini Yoga


Gretchen joined the MCC faculty as a member of the English/Communications Department in autumn 1997. She began teaching yoga for the HPER department in 2004.

In addition to teaching writing and yoga, Gretchen paints both colorful portraits and narrative paintings.  (B.A. English, Kenyon College; M.A., Ph.D. English, Ohio State University) 


Office:  801 - Gymnasium

HE 110 - Industrial Safety & Workplace Training
PEA 101A - Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition
PEA 107 - Archery

Kim received her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Education and Athletic Administration from Central Michigan University.  She recently retired from the White Cloud Public Schools, where she had been a physical education and health education teacher for the past 28 years.  Kim coached JV and Varsity Volleyball for 10 years and is a certified archery instructor.

Kim's husband, John, is a Building and Trades instructor at Grand Rapids Community College.  She has a daughter who is a student at Kendall College of Art & Design and a son who attends Grand High School.  Kim and her family love to travel, sports, outdoor recreation, family and church activities.



Office: 801 - Gymnasium

PEA 109 - Judo

Luco Farias has training and experience of over 45 years as a Black Belt in Martial Arts. He is a martial arts instructor (Judo, Karatedo, Kobudo, Jujitsu and Self-Defense) in the Grand Rapids area; a grand master instructor Olympic Center - Grand Rapids and began teaching at Muskegon Community College winter semester 2001.

He has also taught at many clubs, Universities, and for the police, army and National Guard in Argentina and Venezuela. Mr. Farias has competed in Judo and Karate in Argentina and Venezuela (1963-1974) and was an international judge and referee.

He has a bachelor degree in architecture from Mendoza University, Argentina 1976, where he also served as Professor of Landscape Design and Director of Physical Education. He has earned 7th Dan in Judo from the United States Martial Arts Association, 8th Dan in Karatedo - USMA and USA Master Instructor, 6th Dan Weapon - Kobudo USMA and USA -2000, 7th Dan Self Defense - Jujitsu, USMA USA - 2001 and National Fitness Instructor -September 2001.

Lucio is a member of United States Judo Federation, Union Panamericana Judo, National Referee, Japan Kodokan Henshubu since 1965, International Kobudo Association - USA, International Karate Gojuryu Kyokai - USA and Kyoshi Member Hall of Fame USMA USA 2000/2001.  He also belongs to MNLA Michigan Nursery Landscape Association and Ashworth College.



Office:  166 - Creative/Performing Arts

PEA 201 - Aerobic Movement for Fitness


Cathy Gamby has been an adjunct faculty member at MCC since 1989. She is a graduate of the University of California-Irvine where she earned a Bachelors Degree in Dance with special emphasis in teaching. She has taught aerobics in a variety of settings since 1982 and dance since 1986.

Cathy received her Masters Degree in dance/movement therapy & counseling from Columbia College Chicago in 2010. She has been working as a dance therapist and recently received her Limited License in Professional Counseling from the State of Michigan and works as a counselor for a private psychological support center.

In addition to teaching aerobics and dance at MCC, Cathy also teaches Applied Psychology for MCC’s Social Science Dept. She enjoys bicycling, music, dancing and being out in nature.



Office:  801 - Gymnasium

PEA 101A - Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition
PEA 104A - Walking, Jogging and Conditioning                     

Cory is very excited to be returning to MCC.  After earning an associates degree from Muskegon Community College in 2005, Cory attended Western Michigan University.  In 2009, he graduated with a B.S. degree majoring in physical education with an emphasis in coaching.

Cory's hobbies include playing hockey, golf, softball and relaxing.  As a hockey player, Cory's most proud moment was winning the American Collegiate Hockey Association Division Three National Championship for MCC's club team in 2003.  Cory enjoys teaching health, fitness, nutrition and all the benefits that come with it.  Cory's ultimate goal for students is to have them pursue a healthy active lifestyle.


Office:  805 - Gymnasium

PEA 114/214 - Golf
PEP 203 - Fundamentals of Coaching
CSS 100 - College Success Seminar

Marty McDermott was named Atletic Director at Muskegon Community College in 2007.  Prior to coming to MCC, McDermott served as the Head Basketball Coach/Associate Athletic Director at the University of Dubuque in Iowa.  From 1997-2003 McDermott served as the Head Basketball Coach at Lake Superior State University. 

Marty holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of North Dakota and a Master's Degree in Sports Management and Administration from Wayne Sate College. 

Marty and his wife Rachel reside in Spring Lake along with their daughter, Mia and son, Evan.



Office:  801 - Gymnasium

PEA 100 - Hatha Yoga

Beverly is a Registered Yoga Teacher 200, and has been practicing yoga for 8 years and teaching yoga in the community for 3 years.  She has worked with adults with special needs and is convinced yoga is for everyone.

Bev was born and raised in Muskegon Heights and resides with her husband of 42 years, Jesse.  She has three adult children and is passionate about spending time with her grandchildren and family.  Bev enjoys golfing and serving in her local church.



Office:  801 - Gymnasium

PEA 101A - Fitness, Wellness & Nutrition
PEA 103 - Weight Training

Josh  Mueller is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a Bachelor's degree in Dietetics.  He then went on to complete a 14 month internship with Michigan State University.  He attended Muskegon Community College in 2004-2006.

Josh is currently a Registered Dietitian and works for Muskegon County as a Community Nutrition Specialist.  He also has been a Personal Trainer for the past eight years.  Josh enjoys sharing his passion for health and wellness to guide others towards a healthier lifestyle.

Josh is very passionate about exercise and has built his own gym.  He spends his spare time in the outdoors hunting, fishing, and camping.  



Office: 801 – Gymnasium

PEA 110/210 - American Karate

Soon after joining the United States Army, Fred saw his first Bruce Lee movie and was inspired (as were countless others in this era). In 1973, while still employed by Uncle Sam, he was sent to an assignment in the Republic of South Korea. It was during this tour of duty that Fred really got involved in the martial arts. Upon completion of his time in Korea Fred returned the U.S. as a newly certified Black Belt in Jin Moo Kwan - Tae Kwon Do.

After his discharge from the U.S. Army, Mr. Reinecke returned to Muskegon, Michigan. In 1975 he started taking classes at Muskegon's Community College (MCC). It was here he met Mr. Lieb who was conducting classes in the American Karate System.

Following his graduation from Central Michigan University,in 1980, Fred returned to Muskegon. He has been the American Karate instructor at MCC since.

Fred has been an active competitor from 1976 to present, wining more than 100 trophies and awards, which include six Grand Championships. During 1996-1997 Michigan Karate Circuit rated him among the top five black belt competitors in the senior fighting and forms competition. Currently, Fred is an 8th Degree Black Belt.

Mr. Reinecke continues to train, support and promote the American Karate System through his instructional endeavor and as the editor and publisher of the ASK Newsletter. He also hones his skills and techniques by attending seminars with such noted instructors as Tadashi Yamashita and Shorin Ruy.

For more information on the American karate System, please follow this link:


Office:  801-Gymnasium

PEA 106 - Leisure Games

Richard graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts.  He also attended Northern Michigan University in the Sports and Exercise Science master's program.

Much of his life has been spent competing at everything from master level chess to master level swimming and just about everything in-between!  Richard likes to say he has a lifelong addiction to the challenge of serious competition.

Currently Richard serves as the head coach and founder of Shoreline Lightning Swimming, a USA swim team based in Spring Lake.


Office: 801- Gymnasium

HE 100 - Community First Aid and Safety
HE 102 - Nutrition for Fitness and Sport 
HE 110 - Industrial Safety & Workplace Training
HE  202 - Sports Injuries and Prevention 

Jon is a native of
Grand Rapids, Michigan. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from GrandValleyStateUniversity in 1987 with a major in Physical Education and an emphasis in Athletic Training. Jon has been an adjunct faculty member, as well as athletic trainer and assistant athletic director, at MuskegonCommunity College since 1989. 

Jon is employed as
a Certified Athletic Trainer at Hackley Hospital Sports Medicine. He is currently the coordinator of the Community Outreach Program at Hackley Sports Medicine. He holds many certifications from the American Red Cross and has been an instructor with them since 1989. Jon has been instrumental in the development of the Sports Safety Training courses taught by the Hackley Sports Medicine staff in conjunction the American Red Cross.

Prior to coming to Muskegon, Jon was the Head Athletic Trainer at MarianCollege in Wisconsin (1988 to 1989). Jon also served as an adjunct faculty member in GrandValleyStateUniversity’s Athletic Training Education Program from 1991 to 1993. Previously, Jon served as the athletic trainer for MuskegonHeightsHigh School from 1991 to 1994 and NorthMuskegonHigh School from 1995 to 1997.

Jon and wife, Kathy, have two children, Patrick and Megan, and reside North Muskegon. His hobbies include: golf, computers and spending time with his family.  Jon enjoys all sports, and has become an avid NASCAR fan.


Office:  94 - Gymnasium

PEA 114/214 - Golf I & II
PEA 155/255 - Basketball I & II

Dave is a graduate of Ferris State University.  He has coached basketball for 30 years at FSU, Cedar Springs High School and is in his 6th year coaching for the men Jayhawks.  He recently retired from Cedar Springs as the principal of the alternative high school.  He has also taught history and physical education.

Dave is married to Teresea and has 3 children; Josh 26, Elyse 23, and Dan 18.  His hobbies include hiking and cycling.