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"The past is no row of bare facts waiting to be memorized by school children. Nor does it stand in our backyard like a picket fence, slowly and silently rotting. The past is a real world, inhabited by villains and heroes and regular folk passing this way on swift journeys. Their story is our story -- the tie that binds each generation to all others."  (from a speech by Bill Moyers)




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Careers in History
History Skills for your Future

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Instructor's Name Office Phone Email Address
Katherine Tosa      (homepage)  Room 242-C  231-777-0376
George Maniates   (homepage)  Room 242-D  231-777-0364
Kurt Troutman       (homepage)  Room 242-D  231-777-0639
Scott Banninga (Adjunct)   Room 242   231-777-0380
Robert Eich      (Adjunct)  Room 242-6  231-777-0635
Richard Gates   (Adjunct)   Room 242  231-777-0380
Stephanie Jannenga  (Adjunct)   Room 242  231-777-0380
 Joel Juen          (Adjunct)  Online   231-777-0380
 Joshua Koenig  (Adjunct)  Online  231-777-0380
 Marvin Nash    (Adjunct)  Room 242  231-777-0380
 Tom Sciamanna   (Adjunct)  Room 242  231-777-0380
 Scott Sherman   (Adjunct)  Room 242   231-777-0380
 Samantha Warber  (Adjunct)  Room 242  231-777-0380
 Katie Zahrt        (Adjunct)  Online  231-777-0380