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Vol. 2, No. 3 - Jan/Feb 1997

Umbreit Library Web

By Carol Briggs-Erickson

Does Umbreit Library subscribe to your favorite magazine or journal? How far back does the library keep the New York Times newspaper? What new books have been added to the library collection recently? Check the Internet!

On December 20, 1996 Muskegon Community College made its official home page and Web site available to users on the Internet. Virtually all of the information previously in print now has the potential to be added to this new communication medium. In addition, other formats (audio, video, and interactive forms) may be used.

The staff of Umbreit Library are excited about the potential that our public Web site has to offer our patrons. We have already added the following to our site:

  • Magazine, journal, and newspaper holdings
  • New book list
  • Current and past issues of library newsletter
  • Library services and policies information
  • Umbreit Library Research Guide and Checklist
In addition to Umbreit Library information, we have added links to some vital sources that researchers will find indispensable. The most helpful to researchers include:
  • EbscoHost - a searchable database of abstracts-- including some fulltext--of magazines, journals and other periodicals.
  • Carl UnCover - a large searchable database of magazine and journal citations. If the article is in a periodical that is not available at Umbreit Library, you may order the article from UnCover (for a fee) or ask our Interlibrary Loan Department to order a copy of the article for you.
  • Other libraries' online catalogs. These include our area public and academic libraries and libraries world- wide.
  • Search aids for searching the Internet.
  • Many search engines for locating Internet resources.
  • Links to some of the most useful sites on the Internet.
* * *
The MCC home page address (URL) is: To get to Umbreit Library from the home page, click on "General Information", then "Departments", and then "Library". You may also go directly to the library using the following:

Let us know how we may make the library site more useful in filling your research needs.

Outside Book Drop

To accommodate library users who wish to return their library materials when the building is closed, we have installed an outside book drop. This has replaced the drop that was inside the main entrance to the College.

The new book drop is located outside the main entrance to the College near the public telephone.

Umbreit Library currently has only one book drop inside the building. This drop is just outside the main entrance to the library. We are considering adding another internal drop near Collegiate Hall.



DIALOG is a collection of databases offered by Knight- Ridder Information. For the past 15 years, Umbreit Library has subscribed to this service. This is a rather expensive, fee-based service. Therefore, DIALOG has been used by the librarians in their reference work to assist patrons in their research.

However, over the last few years CD-ROMs, FirstSearch, and the Internet have filled the needs of Umbreit Library researchers and the reference staff.

DIALOG continues to be used for highly technical searches.


Internet Interchange

Hackley Public Library made their home page available to the public in October, 1996. Though their online catalog is not yet accessible, there is a lot of other library information available at their site. Included here is a brief history of Hackley Library, its hours and policies, and information on their collection specialties.

In addition, they have links to a vast array of community information. Jocelyn Shaw, the creator of Hackley's Web site, feels that the community information available at their site is one of the most valuable sections. There is a cultural events calendar which includes the West Shore Symphony Orchestra's schedule as well as other programs being held at the Frauenthal Theater, Beardsley Theater, Muskegon Museum of Art, and MCC. There is also information on area group activities.

Jocelyn stated that she has ideas for new information and sites to be added in the future, so you should visit the site periodically to see what has been added.

Hackley Public Library's Web site address is:

Check These Out!

Selected and annotated byRoger Stoel

Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East, edited by Eric M. Myers, Oxford University Press, 1997.

Five hundred sixty scholars from more than two dozen countries were commissioned by Oxford University Press to write this encyclopedia. The set contains 1,100 entries. All of the articles are signed and contain bibliographies. Numerous illustrations including charts, graphs, plans, and photographs accompany the text.

Sample articles include "Building Materials and Techniques: an Overview", "Ceramics...", "Palestine...", and "Textiles".

The fifth volume includes three appendices with maps and a detailed index.

Located in our REFERENCE collection: DS 56 .O9 1997 V.1-V.5


* * *
Civilizations of the Ancient Near East, edited by Jack M. Sasson, Scribners, 1995.

This four volume set contains 189 essays divided into eleven categories:

  1. Western Thought
  2. Environment
  3. Population
  4. Social Institutions
  5. History and Culture
  6. Economy and Trade
  7. Technology and Artistic Production
  8. Religion and Science
  9. Language and Literature
  10. Visual and Performing Arts
  11. Retrospective Essays
Articles within each of the above categories are arranged in a culture-after-culture sequence: Egypt, Mesopotamia, Iran, Anatolia, and Syro-Palestine.

Sample articles include "The Development of Cities in Ancient Mesopotamia", "Legal and Social Institutions of Pharaonic Egypt", "The Fortification of Cities in the Ancient Near East", and "The Story of the Semitic Alphabet".

The fourth volume includes a list of contributors and a detailed index.

Located in our REFERENCE collection: DS 57 .C55 1995 V.1-V.4


On-line Spotlight

With the increase in classes offered through the Muskegon Center for Higher Education, we have experienced an increase in our library services.

Part of that increase is in our online databases that are accessible through OCLC's FirstSearch.

Thanks to funding from Michigan State University, we now have an additional FirstSearch station.

Michigan State University students in the Masters in Nursing program make use of MEDLINE, CINAHL and other science indexes on OCLC's FirstSearch station.


* * *

The most recent database added to FirstSearch is The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 1996. This reference book is loaded with information. As with most databases, the electronic version makes searching and finding the information you need much easier.

In addition to searching the textual content and tables of the Almanac, you can search by "source". This means that you could search for all statistics that were furnished, for example, from the Census Bureau or from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


On Display

By Barbara Daniell

"Stock Up" on business information is the current theme of the book display at Umbreit Library. Books on how financial markets are organized and how to make wise investments are available on the display table and in the regular collection. A recent addition is Peter Lynch's Beating the Street.

Up-to-date information on the status of investments are located in the reference section. Sources there include Standard & Poor's collection of stock and bond guides that are updated monthly. The Outlook, Standard & Poor's weekly investment newsletter, contains tips with "buy and sell" recommendations. The highly recommended Value Line Investment Survey analyzes companies on the stock market and is revised quarterly.

If you are looking for investment information for the classroom or for personal investment advice, check the book display.


Electronic Currents

Umbreit Library Currents is now being e-mailed to 50 on- campus and off-campus e-mail addresses.

It is also available at the Umbreit Library Web site. (See p.1, Umbreit Library Web)

Winter Semester Hours

(beginning January 8)

Monday - Thursday
8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
(Closed March 29)

Winter Break

(March 3 - March 8)

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


Umbreit Library Currents is published bimonthly by the staff of the Allen G. Umbreit Library at Muskegon Community College. It is distributed to faculty, staff and administrators of The College and to area libraries free of charge. It is available in print and electronic formats.

The mission of Umbreit Library Currents is to aid in our goal to keep all Umbreit Library users current about resources, policies, and staff activities.

Carol Briggs-Erickson

Contributing Editorial Staff:
Barbara Daniell
Roger Stoel
Robert Vanderlaan


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