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Vol. 4, No. 1 - Sep-Nov 1998

Donation to Naomi Booth Memorial Fund

Over the past summer, Umbreit Library received a generous donation from Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Schafer of Minnesota. The funds, which were donated in memory of Naomi Booth, will be used to purchase poetry books.

Mrs. Booth was a poet, an author and an educator whose poems have been published in magazines and books. She was married to Lionel L. Booth, who was the first chairman of the Muskegon Community College Board of Trustees when it formed in 1963. The Naomi Booth Memorial Fund was established in 1996.


Journals/Magazines Offered

We currently subscribe to over 300 journals and magazines. For research purposes, we need to keep many years of back issues. Since our space is limited, it is necessary to keep older issues on microfiche.

We recently received our microfiche for the past year; therefore, we now have several issues to withdraw from our periodical collection.

Those withdrawn periodicals are currently available in the lower level of the library.

Some of the titles include:

  • American Journal on Mental Retardation
  • American Sociological Review
  • The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
  • College English
  • International Studies Quarterly
  • Journal of Educational Measurement
  • Journal of Higher Education
  • Journal of Learning Disabilities
  • Mental Retardation
  • Public Opinion Quarterly
  • Quarterly Journal of Speech

If you have questions regarding the availability of our withdrawn periodicals, please call Brenda McClain at x492.


Welcome Back Su

Su Bell, who worked for many years in the MCC Fine Arts Department, has taken a paraprofessional position in the library.

The position has a variety of responsibilities including the maintenance of the College Archives Collection and the Pamphlet Collection. The College Archives Collection contains textual, pictorial and verbal materials which chronicle the history of the College. The Pamphlet Collection contains hundreds of pamphlets, factsheets, maps and companies' annual reports.

Su also works closely with Paula McClurg-Ziemelis on special projects and day-to-day library support activities. Additionally, she is responsible for the displays in the library. Su may be reached at x212 or via e-mail.

We are all pleased to have Su back and wish her well in her new position.


CD-ROM Corner

We recently added Education Index Full Text to our CD-ROM collection. We are very excited about this newest addition and the students who have used the CD-ROM are equally pleased with it. Education Index Full Text is published by the H. W. Wilson Company which has been one of the leaders in periodical indexing for libraries and information professionals for many years.

The CD-ROM contains indexing to 423 educational periodicals. The full text of the articles from over 140 of the journals are available. This has significantly broadened our scope of educational research.

Some of the journals which offer full text are:

  • American Annals of the Deaf
  • American Secondary Education
  • Canadian Modern Language Review
  • International Journal of Disability, Development and Education
  • Journal of American Indian Education
  • Journal of Experimental Education
  • Peabody Journal of Education
  • Thrust for Educational Leadership
  • Topics in Early Childhood and Special Education

The CD-ROM is very user-friendly and has over 20 searchable fields. The articles may be saved to a floppy disk or printed to a laser printer.

The H. W. Wilson site offers a complete listing of the journals offering full text. For more details about Education Index Full Text, call the reference desk at x326.


Internet Interchange

Many Internet searchers become frustrated when trying to locate the home page of a college or a business or an organization. A search using any of the major search engines may return thousands of hits where the college or company name appears.

If you are familiar with the structure of Web addressses, you may be able to guess what the address might be:

  •, or

However, there are many universities with the initials of MSU and only one of those universities may use the address of

When you know the "real name" of a company or institution and want to locate their Web site, try using the RealName search system. This site allows users to input the real name--or the name as it is commonly known--and the RealName search engine will try to locate the Web site.

If the Web site for the organization is not in the RealNames database, several potential Web sites will be returned for the user's consideration.

This is just one of the many search tools that may be found in our Internet Search section of the Umbreit Library Internet Directory.


Check These Out!

Selected and annotated by Roger Stoel

Foundation Grants to Individuals. 10th edition. Edited by L. Victoria Hall, The Foundation Center, 1997.

So often patrons are puzzled over whether or not foundations make grants to individuals in addition to civic and educational organizations. This book has been compiled by the well-known Foundation Center in New York to answer that question.

The volume has a five-part introduction as well as six different indices. The main portion of the book is divided into eight separate alphabetical sections:

  1. Educational Support
  2. General Welfare
  3. Arts and Cultural Support
  4. International Applicants
  5. By Nomination Only
  6. Research and Professional Support
  7. Restricted to Company Employees
  8. Restricted to Graduates or Students of Specific Schools
This is an excellent resource for students and educators who are looking for research dollars to assist them with advanced studies or research projects.

Located in our REFERENCE collection:
LB 2336 .F599 1997


* * *

James C. Impara and Barbara S. Plake, University of Nebraska Press, 1998.

This classic reference work, which was first published in 1938, is now in its thirteenth edition.

The main section consists of tests and reviews and includes six indices. One must remember that only new reviews are included in each edition. Reviews in previous editions are referred to in the text. One must also be aware that the numbers in the index refer to item numbers--not page numbers. Bibliographies are included with most of the test critiques.

The Umbreit Library is fortunate to have a complete set of this series--from the first edition through the present one. This set is the standard and definitive reference in the field of testing and educational measurement.

Reference Librarians will be happy to assist those who need help in using the set. It is one of the more complicated reference sets in our Reference Collection.

The latest edition also includes as an appendix the Code of Professional Responsibilities in Educational Measurement as prepared by the National Council on Measurement in Education.

Located in our REFERENCE collection:
LB 1131 .B874 1998

Welcome Connie Holmberg

Connie Holmberg joined the library staff in September as our part-time Interlibrary Loan Clerk. She is responsible for maintaining records and processing the materials that are exchanged through the interlibrary loan system that exists between our library and the thousands of other participating libraries. She is looking forward to learning her new job well.

Connie began working at MCC in 1993 in the Academic Testing Center.

Call Connie at x205 if you have questions about ordering books or other materials which are not in the MCC library.


On Display

Su Bell

Hi folks! The current display in the library--in case you missed it (tsk! tsk! tsk!)--is in celebration of Hispanic Heritage month. I made an effort to display aspects of Hispanic peoples and cultures other than those from Mexico since we are more familiar with our closest southern neighbor. Puerto Rico was chosen as the focus for the largest section of the display.

Included in the display are maps, narratives, and a variety of pictures. Also included is the MCC Board of Trustees resolution which officially recognizes our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

The next display will feature CSS (College Success Seminar) and library services.


Reference Survey

Our sixth annual fall reference survey is scheduled to be conducted from October 23rd through November 5th. Surveys will be given to anyone receiving reference assistance during the two week period.


Michigan Financials

Governor Engler's office has issued the second edition of Michigan Financial Focus. This very brief annual report covers spending in education, welfare, transportation, corrections and many other areas. Also included are State of Michigan Websites and various directories of state offices. If you want a copy of this annual publication, call the library reference desk at x326.


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