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Vol. 4, No. 2 - Dec 1998 - Feb 1999

Inside this issue:

  1. Income Tax Forms
  2. CD-ROM Corner (Who's Who)
  3. Internet Interchange (Profusion and Google)
  4. Check These Out! by Roger Stoel
  5. New Journals and Magazines Added
  6. Student Opinion Survey
  7. On Display by Su Bell
  8. Winter Semester Hours

Income Tax Forms

If you need tax forms, the library is the place to look. As in previous years, we have the most- requested federal forms, schedules and instructions. These are kept by the reference desk. If we do not have the forms, schedules, or instructions that you need and if they are available at the IRS Internet site, we will download them and print them for you. (We do have Form 8863 which is used for reporting education credits. This is also known as the Hope and Lifetime Learning Credits form.)

Michigan forms may also be downloaded and printed. This includes Schedule CT which is the State of Michigan College and Tuition Fees Credit form.

Call the reference desk at x326 if you would like us to send you any of the available materials.

CD-ROM Corner

We recently added The Complete Marquis Who's Who to our CD-ROM collection. You may be familiar with Who's Who in America which is a three-volume set with biographical profiles of noted Americans. This CD-ROM set, however, contains 18 of the Who's Who books:
  • Who's Who in America
  • Who's Who in Advertising
  • Who's Who in American Education
  • Who's Who in American Law
  • Who's Who in American Nursing
  • Who's Who in Entertainment
  • Who's Who in Finance & Industry
  • Who's Who in Religion
  • Who's Who in the East
  • Who's Who in the West
  • Who's Who in the Midwest
  • Who's Who in the South & Southwest
  • Who's Who in the World
  • Who's Who of American Women
  • Who's Who of Emerging Leaders in America
  • Who's Who Among Human Services Professionals
  • Who's Who in Science & Engineering
  • Who Was Who in America

Users may search throughout the text. Searches may be by name, place of birth, date of birth, occupation, college attended, current affiliations and many other fields.

A search for people who were born in Muskegon found 270 notable people. Three of our faculty are included on the disc.


Internet Interchange

While searching on the Internet, have you ever received a 404 not found error? This means that the address or file name has changed since the search engine was last updated. The file may exist somewhere, but the directory or name may have changed. Or, the file may no longer be available on the Internet.

Currently, there are at least two Internet search sites that allow you to avoid 404 not found errors. These are Profusion and Google.

Profusion will check to see if documents are still available before they are included in the search results. They call this broken link detection. The broken link detection is optional and takes more time when searching.

Google, on the other hand, maintains an archival database of Internet documents. Therefore, if, after performing a search using Google, you receive a 404 not found error from one of the links, you may still retrieve the original document via the archival collection.


Check These Out!

Selected and annotated by Roger Stoel

A Dictionary of Natural Products. George Macdonald Hocking. Plexus Publishing, 1997.

The descriptive subtitle for this dictionary is:
Terms in the Field of Pharmacology Relating to Natural Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Materials and the Plants, Animals, and Minerals From Which They are Derived.

The volume contains several introductory forewords and is arranged in one alphabetical section. Latin names are used whenever possible. It contains six appendices and a lengthy bibliography of 2,798 items. It includes both regular bibliographic citations as well as explanatory footnotes.

This is an excellent volume for those interested in the growing field of alternative medicine.

Located in our REFERENCE Collection: RS 160 .H55 1997


* * *

The Review of Natural Products. Edited by Ara DerMarderosian. Facts and Comparisons Publishing Group, 1998.

This is one of the more unique publications that the library has acquired during the past year. The book is looseleaf in format with new products as well as revised sections published on a monthly basis. The monographs are reviewed by an interdisciplinary field of medical professionals. Despite this, none of the uses given in the monographs are FDA approved.

The main monographic section lists items alphabetically. Sample items include:

  • barley,
  • echinacea,
  • ginseng,
  • ostrich fern, and
  • pectin.
A couple of important monographs include: potential herb-drug interactions and specific herb-drug interactions. The volume includes a primary index, therapeutic uses index, and a divider for appendices to be added as they are published.

Another very interesting book in the field of alternative and herbal medicine.

Located in our REFERENCE collection: RS 160 .R485


New Journals and Magazines Added

Due to the research needs of our staff and students and the changes in indexing and availability of periodicals, we have added the following periodical subscriptions this year:

  1. The Advocate (California)
  2. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Science
  3. Journal of Divorce and Remarriage
  4. Journal of Family Violence
  5. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy
  6. Juvenile and Family Court Journal
  7. Prison Journal
  8. Smart Computing
In addition, we have discontinued the following titles:
  • Corrections Digest
  • Progressive Grocer

Student Opinion Survey

We are in the process of conducting our follow-up student opinion survey. This is a follow-up from a survey conducted in the winter of 1996. In the 1996 survey, 25 classes were randomly selected. Students were asked about problems they may have encountered while using the library and were given a chance to voice their opinions on changes that would make the library more useful to them. Based on that initial survey, we made changes in our services. We hope this follow-up survey finds that our efforts were successful. We also hope to identify any additional problems which may have surfaced in the past three years.

We appreciate the help of the 25 faculty members who were selected for this survey. We could not effectively poll students--especially our non-users-- without the help of these faculty. Our thanks to: Jan Agard, Dan Bialas, Lee Collet, John Crawford, Ted Faber, John Finn, Jill Greening, Phil Halvorson, Barney Herron, Dick Hopson, Lee Kleinheksel, Mary Luther, Larry McDaid, Sue Meeuwenberg, Rich Oman, Charlotte Pond, Ed Reschke, Roy Shields, Beth Smith, Keith St. Clair, Carol Thompson, Kathy Tosa, Linda VanConant, Sue VanHattum, and Kay Wells.

We also appreciate the support of David Mabunda in this ongoing effort.

On Display

By Su Bell

Happy Holiday (Winter Solstice) and welcome back.

January's display dealt with geography and the flags that are used to depict geographic regions. Using that display, we held a contest to test our students' knowledge and research abilities. The winner of the Flag Facts Contest was Lisa Holmberg. Congratulations, Lisa!

In February, the display features Black History Month. This year's theme is The Past, The Present, and The Future. I know it's not an original theme, but what the heck, stop by and take a look-see. (Many MCC staff members are profiled in the section pertaining to the Present.)

Library Hours

Winter Semester
(January 6 - April 28)

Monday - Thursday
8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
(Closed Easter Weekend)

Winter Break
(March 1 - March 5)
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


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