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NetLibrary Ebooks Available World Flag Collection
FirstSearch From Off-Campus Free Books
Did You Know? Michigan Financial Focus
Internet Exchange Mayfest Prizes
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NetLibrary Ebooks Available

The AccessMichigan project made books from the netLibrary database available to all Michigan libraries on April 9th. The core netLibrary database contains over 3,000 full text books which are no longer covered by copyright. (Anyone with an Internet connection has access to these books.) However, for Michigan users, now there are an additional 7,600 full text books available.

The books range from The Framing of the Constitution of the United States published in 1913 to U.S v. Microsoft published in 2001. An Excel listing of the titles is available at the AccessMichigan Web site. After downloading the file and opening it in Excel, you may sort the records by a variety of fields including author, title, Library of Congress call number or subject heading, year, or publisher. A sorted listing of publishers ranges from Addax Publishing Group to Yale University Press.

There is a free netLibrary eBook Reader available for downloading at the netLibrary Web site.

To access the added titles in the netLibrary database, use an Internet-accessible computer on campus. You will need to register at the netLibrary Web site to be able to download any of the books. Once you have registered from an MCC computer, you will be able to use your user name and password from on-campus or off-campus. If you do not use an MCC computer to register at netLibrary, you will not be able to access the 7,600 additional titles from off-campus.


FirstSearch From Off-Campus

FirstSearch is a collection of over 60 research databases. Though used mostly for compiling citations to original sources, there are full text articles available. Two of the databases which offer exclusively full text articles are WilsonSelect Plus and Business & Industry. The most-used databases in March, 2001 are (in order):


  1. WorldCat (books and other materials held by libraries world wide)
  2. CINAHL (nursing and allied health database)
  3. Psycfirst (psychology research articles)
  4. Article First (general topics)
  5. WilsonSelect Plus (general topics)
  6. Medline (medical journals)
  7. Social Sci Abstracts (social science topics)
  8. Readers Guide Abstracts (general topics)
  9. ERIC (education resources)
  10. NetFirst (Internet documents)
  11. General Science Abstracts
  12. Periodical Abstracts (general topics)
  13. PAIS International (public policy and social issues)
  14. Wilson Business
  15. Dissertation Abstracts
  16. Education Abstracts
  17. Business & Industry (full text business articles)
  18. FactSearch (excerpted statistical information)
  19. Mdx Health Digest (health and medicine)
  20. Art Abstracts

In April, access to FirstSearch was established for off-campus staff and students. Call the reference desk 777-0326 to obtain password information. The current password will be valid through the end of Summer Session.


Did You Know?

By Darlene DeHudy

In today's revolution of technology, communication and the information explosion, our days seem busier than ever. Time becomes a most valuable commodity. How we spend it can have a major impact on the quality of our lives.

Let's look at one aspect that devours a large amount of our so-called "free" time. According to research compiled by the TV-Turnoff Network, 98% of Americans spend 40% of their leisure time watching television. In addition, television is on for an average of seven hours and 40 minutes each day in 98% of our homes.

Proficient reading in youngsters has been found to be higher in those who spend less time watching television. (Susan Neuman, "The displacement effect." Reading Research Quarterly, 23(4): 414-440) However, according to the TV-Turnoff Network, children watch an average of 1,023 hours of television per year while spending an average of 900 hours in school per year. By age 18 they have seen 200,000 violent acts and 16,000 murders on TV. In 1997, 80% of Hollywood executives polled believed that there was a link between TV violence and real violence.

Children view 20,000 commercials each year. Through television, product brand loyalty can be established by age two. The American Pediatric Association recommends no television viewing for children aged two or younger.

How we spend our time has a significant impact on our lives. Indiscriminately watching entertainment TV may not be the best choice. You are invited to enjoy the library's resources and services as an alternative to television. National Turn Off the TV Week was April 23-29. However, alternatives to TV can be tried anytime. Consider this quote from second grade student Benjamin Loxley: I had a great time, and my only question is: If this is so great, why don't we turn off the TV for the other 51 weeks of the year?


Internet Exchange

Do you need to find a map of a country or reliable country information for a geography class? Do you need to search through the text of Shakespeare's plays? Do you need to find a good, online automotive encyclopedia?

In January, we made the Students' Research Section available on our Web site. This area was created using the MCC class schedule and is intended to be a starting point for our students doing research for their classes. Many new links have been added since January but we still have a lot of work to do. If you know of any pertinent Web site that should be added for your classes, please let us know. We want to create a good, topical Internet resource site for all MCC classes.


Check These Out!

By Roger Stoel

Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Paul Murdin, editor. 4 vols. Institute of Physics Publishing, 2001.

This new set is intended to help all users regardless of their science background. There are nearly 700 main articles with bibliographies and some World Wide Web references. Additionally there are 800 brief articles intended as a point of reference to other articles or for definitions. Besides these, there are also 250 short articles and some 650 short biographical listings. There are extensive cross references and an index of 20,000 terms. The encyclopedia contains 2,000 illustrations, both color and black and white. This is an excellent new science encyclopedia for usage by both the lay-person and the scientist.

Located in our REFERENCE Collection: REF QB 14 .E534 2001 V.1-4


* * *

Encyclopedia of Computer Science. 4th ed. Anthony Ralston, editor. Nature Publishing Group, 2000.

This 2,034 page one-volume encyclopedia of computer science contains 623 articles from 450 contributors. Over 100 are new articles, 29 are rewritten, and 132 are articles from the third edition that have been extensively modified and brought up to date. There is a classification index of articles in the front of the volume. Many articles are illustrated and contain bibliographies. Cross references in highlighted boxes are given at the beginning of many of the articles. Biographical names are also listed along with the company affiliation. Included are nine appendices, a name index, and a general index. This is an excellent source for basic computer term definitions and related information.

Located in our REFERENCE Collection: REF QA 76.15 .E48 2000


World Flag Collection

Our flag collection currently contains over 200 country and governmental unit flags. These flags have been on display during MCC's International Day and have been used by students doing classroom presentations. A current Umbreit Library card is required to check out these flags.



Free Books

We are constantly adding new books to our collection. (See our New Book List on WebCat.) Since our shelving space is limited we also have to withdraw books from our collection on a regular basis. Until recently those books have been placed for sale on a book cart in the library. However, in May, we began placing these withdrawn books on a book cart outside the main doors to the library and are offering them to anyone who would like them for free.

(Reminder: Withdrawn magazines and journals are also available for free in the lower level of the library.)


Michigan Financial Focus

The fifth edition of Michigan Financial Focus is now available in the library. This annual report is published by Governor Engler's office. It includes statistics on revenues and expenditures from the fiscal year October 1999 through September 2000. Also included are articles on welfare reform, education, transportation, and the future outlook of the state's economy and employment.

There are directories of personnel, programs, State of Michigan Web sites, and Senators and Representatives.

Stop by the library for your free copy or call the reference desk (x326) and we will send a copy to you.


Mayfest Prizes

We will have a booth set up for Mayfest. Visit us on Saturday, May 19 for current information, a fact-guessing contest, and free promotional items. There will be three prizes for our contest:
  • a floor model world globe,
  • an autographed copy of the book A Diamond in the Rough : Muskegon Community College by Donald J. Goodman and Jack W. Rice, and
  • a gift certificate from Barnes & Noble bookstore.


Library Hours

Spring Sessionr
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Monday - Thursday
8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

(Closed May 28, Memorial Day)

Summer Session
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(Closed July 4, Independence Day)

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