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Vol. 7, No. 1 - September 2001 - November 2001

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Funds Earmarked for Addition Internet Exchange
Standard & Poor's Check These Out!
On Display Reference Survey
Online Social Sciences Full Text Education Full Text Online
New York Times Expanded Mayfest Winners
NetLibrary Now Searchable on WorldCat Library Hours

Funds Earmarked for Addition to Library

by Roger Stoel

At their October 17th meeting, the MCC Board of Trustees approved the setting aside of funds for the addition of a third floor of the library. This addition is to be built on top of the existing two levels while the existing levels are remodeled. In addition, approval was given to seek bids from architectural firms.

The library staff is elated over the much-needed addition and will be working closely with the architectural firm selected in designing the new level of the library. This will alleviate the crowded conditions on the existing floors.


Standard & Poor's Databases Now Available Campus Wide

Standard & Poor's is one of the leading providers of business information. We have subscribed to many of their print publications including:
  • Creditweek
  • Security Price Index
  • Register of Corporations, Directors & Executives
  • Bond Guide
  • Outlook
  • Stock Guide
  • Current Statistics
  • Annual Dividend Record
Many of these publications are now available to on-campus computer users through NetAdvantage.

On Display

Several interesting pieces have been on display this semester. Just inside the entrance to Umbreit Library stands a towering, white plaster sculpture. This student artwork was created by Keely Payne for instructor Lee Collet. It has evoked a myriad of opinions, emotions and analysis from patrons and staff. Stop by and see this thought-provoking piece.

On the main level in the glass display cases are selected antique items that were on display during MCC's 75th Anniversary Dinner. These items are on loan for display courtesy of Robert Clark, Larry David, Donald Goodman, Vilene Rodgers, and John Rosselott. We thank them for allowing us the use of their treasures.


Online Social Sciences Full Text

The Social Sciences Index is a standard search tool for those doing research in anthropology, criminal justice, economics, political science, psychology, sociology and related fields. It indexes almost 500 scholarly journals from these fields. We subscribe to 71 of the journals indexed; however with the addition of the online full text version, we now offer an additional 140 journals from the social sciences.

The Social Sciences Full Text database indexes publications from 1983 to the present. The last few years are available in full text. The database is available at homepage and may be accessed from any computer on campus. A password is required to access this database from off-campus. Call the reference desk (x326) for password information.


New York Times Expanded

We subscribe to The New York Times newspaper, but due to space restrictions we are unable to store many back issues. Older issues have been available in many different formats to our patrons. Older issues (back to 1957) are on microfilm; more recent issues (1992 to present) are on CD-ROM; and, until recently, only the most recent year was available on the Internet.

As of October, MCC students and staff may use the Internet version to search for articles as far back as 1857. The provider of the database is ProQuest. They are still working on the database, so some years are not complete. However, a search of Muskegon will retrieve an article written about the fire of 1874 which destroyed nearly half the city. Muskegon appears in several other articles published from the 1800s through the 1970s.

A password is needed to use this database. Contact the library reference desk (x326) for more information.

NetLibrary Now Searchable on WorldCat

NetLibrary contains thousands of new, full text books. This is a huge benefit for student researchers who need books for their research but are unable to get to a library. The search interface at netLibrary allows users to search for these books by author, subject, title, keyword, publisher, year of publication or ISBN. There is also an option to search through the full text of the books for words and phrases.

Now, searchers have an additional means to find books in netLibrary. WorldCat, which is used to search for books in libraries worldwide, has added the AccessMichigan netLibrary collection to its large database of worldwide holdings. To search in WorldCat specifically for the AccessMichigan netLibrary titles, use M7@ as the library code. (Access WorldCat at through FirstSearch.) For further information, contact the reference desk at x326.

Internet Exchange

Google continues to be one of our most-used search engines. It is no wonder. Their database, which contains over a billion documents, makes it the largest available search engine on the Internet. The Advanced Search section of Google provides a very user-friendly means for effective, efficient searching. For example, limiting to only those Internet domains which contain .edu in them, searchers will locate a higher level of scholarly documents.

Check These Out!

By Roger Stoel

Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia. Ann Commire, editor. 13 vols. Gale Group, 1999.

At the onset of this work, the publishers envisioned a five-volume set. However, as research proceeded, the set expanded to thirteen volumes and is still not completed. We currently have volumes A through R. When finished, it will cover over 10,000 women from 3100 BCE to the present day. More than 300 contributors from 20 nations have participated in the project.

Articles are arranged alphabetically by last name and vary in length from several short paragraphs to multi-paged articles (2-6 pages). Many contain bibliographies and black and white photographs. A user's guide, list of contributors, and family genealogies are included in the first volume. This is an excellent work of scholarship.

Located in our REFERENCE Collection: REF HQ 1115 .W6 1999 V.1-13


Reference Survey

Our ninth annual reference survey took place from October 19th through November 1st. We distributed over 100 surveys to those asking for reference assistance during the two week period. The number of surveys given increased from last year due to an increase in reference desk activity.

Patrons reported using the following resources: (For example, in 2001, 52% of our patrons used books in their research.)

1997		2001
Books 			     50%		52%
Internet		      0%		32%
Online Catalog		     27% 		31%
InfoTrac (online)	      0%		23%
FirstSearch (online)	     34%		22%
Print Journals/Magazines     25%		22%
CD-ROMs			     33%		 6%
Microfiche		     13%		 6%
Moving away from the use of CD-ROMS, we have added additional online resources in the last four years and this shows by the statistics above. However, our book collection continues to garner the most attention from our patrons. Also, our print journals--as opposed to those which are available online--continue to be utilized at nearly the same rate as four years ago.

Completing the survey this year were:

  • 39 full time MCC students
  • 27 part time MCC students
  • 3 Grand Valley State University students
  • 2 Baker College students
  • 2 MCC faculty, staff or administrator
  • 2 Community guests
  • 1 Western Michigan University student
  • 1 Michigan State University student
  • 1 Muskegon Heights High School student
  • 1 Columbus University student

Education Full Text Online

H.W. Wilson's Education Index is an index to over 500 journals and publications in the field of education. Their electronic index offers around 240 of these in full text. Most of these are very scholarly journals with more than half being peer-reviewed. Undergraduates and graduate education students have been using the CD-ROM version in the library since 1998 with great success.

In November we made arrangements to make the Education Full Text database available campus wide. It is accessible at WilsonWeb or via WilsonWeb on our homepage. The database is also available to off-campus users by password.


Mayfest Winners

Free pencils, computer disks and informational materials were given out at our booth during Mayfest. We also had a fact-guessing contest where contestants were asked to answer five questions about Umbreit Library. Nine of our contestants tied for first place, so a tie-breaking drawing was necessary. The first place winner was Nancy Grimmer who won the floor model world globe; the second place winner was Liz Chala who received an autographed copy of the book A Diamond in the Rough : Muskegon Community College by Donald J. Goodman and Jack W. Rice; and the third place winner was Jim Kane who won a gift certificate from Barnes & Noble bookstore.


Library Hours

Fall Semester
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8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Interim Hours
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8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Winter Semester
(January 7 - April 30)
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10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Umbreit Library Currents is published quarterly by the staff of the Allen G. Umbreit Library at Muskegon Community College.

The mission of Umbreit Library Currents is to aid in our goal to keep all Umbreit Library users current about resources, policies, and staff activities.

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