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Vol. 7, No. 3 - March 2002 - May 2002

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Facts on File Online Check These Out
CQ Electronic Library For Visually Impaired
Literature Resource Center Mayfest Winners
Student Opinion Survey New Library
Internet Exchange Hours

Facts on File Online

Do you need current news information, a photograph of someone in the news, or a good quality map? These are just some of the resources available at, the Facts on File Internet site.

At this site, the full text from the following is available:

  • Facts On File World News Digest since 1980
  • Issues and Controversies On File
  • Reuters On-Line News Service (updated hourly)
  • Today's Science On File
  • The World Almanac and Book of Facts
  • The World Almanac Encyclopedia
The site also contains in-depth information on historic events from the past 60 years.

To access this database, go to our Web site and click on or access via Any on-campus computer may access this site. Access from off-campus requires a username and password. Call the reference desk (x326) for password information.

CQ Electronic Library


Until April 1998, this publication was known as the Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report. Now simply called the CQ Weekly, it contains the same legislative information: status of bills, votes and amendments, and floor and committee activity.

An index on their Web site allows users to retrieve documents dating from 1983 to present.



From 1926 until 1991, this publication was known as Editorial Research Reports. They have been a trusted source for in-depth research into current hot issues and topics in the news. We have copies of The CQ Researcher back to 1992.

Every week, The CQ Researcher explores a single "hot" issue in the news. These issues may relate to health, education, criminal justice, sociology, science, technology, business, and other areas. In addition to extensive commentary, articles feature a pro-con discussion, bibliographies, and historical chronology. Some of the more recent articles have been:

  • Farm Subsidies,
  • Three-Strikes Laws,
  • Sexual Abuse and the Clergy,
  • Cyber-Crime,
  • Mental Health Insurance, and
  • Accountants Under Fire.
Our students have found The CQ Researcher valuable in their research pursuits. Now, with the move to online access, this source is even more valuable.

To access either the CQ Weekly or The CQ Researcher, go to our Web site and click on CQ Electronic Library or access via CQ directly. Any on-campus computer may access this site. Access from off-campus requires a username and password. Call the reference desk (x326) for password information.

Literature Resource Center

The Literature Resource Center (LRC) will be valuable for those searching for information on authors and their works. It contains information on over 120,000 writers including novelists, poets, journalists and essayists.

The LRC addresses all facets of literary study in one highly searchable interface. Its extensive reference material includes: biographical, bibliographical, critical, and contextual information on authors and their works.

The LRC database contains many of the reference books about authors and literature published by Gale. These include:

  • Contemporary Authors
  • Contemporary Literary Criticism Select
  • Dictionary of Literary Biography (over 200 volumes)
In addition, selected full text articles from 150 magazines and journals are included. Some titles include the New Statesman, Antioch Review, African American Review, and Michigan Academician.

To access the LRC, go to our Web site and click on GaleNet or access via GaleNet directly. Any on-campus computer may access this site. Access from off-campus requires a username and password. Call the reference desk (x326) for password information.

Student Opinion Survey

Our third Student Opinion Survey took place in February. Performed every three years, this survey collects information from 25 randomly selected classes. Students were asked about problems they may have encountered while using the library and were given a chance to voice their opinions on changes that would make the library more useful to them.

Though not fully tabulated, we have been able to identify trends from the returned questionnaires. Students clearly feel that the library needs more computers and more books. Many also noted that they do not understand how the library is organized and have difficulty locating materials.

We appreciate the help of the faculty members who were selected for this survey. We could not effectively poll students--especially our non-users--without the help of these faculty. Our thanks to: Al Barreto, John Bartley, Lee Collet, Arun Datta, John Finn, Stephen Fiorenzo, Elena Garcia, Beverly Hair, Debra Howell, Ronnie Jewell, Mike Johnson, Lee Kleinheksel, Greg Miller, Bette Naruszkiewicz, Rich Oman, Bill Sikkenga, Beth Smith, Tim Trainor, Andy Wible, Tom Wolters, and Jay Zarowitz.


Internet Interchange

We hope that our users are familiar with the magazine, journal and newspaper databases and other databases that may be accessed via the library homepage. These include InfoTrac, FirstSearch, WilsonWeb, New York Times, and many other commercial Web sites that we have subscriptions to.

Most of these databases may also be accessed from off-campus. If you would like to learn more about the variety of databases and how to use them from on or off-campus, contact the reference desk at x326.

Check These Out!

Our reference collection contains over 500 different encyclopedias. When most people think of encyclopedias, they think of general encyclopedias such as World Book, Britannica, or Collier's.

However, there are many, many specialized encyclopedias that are rich in detailed coverage of specific subjects. Some of our more recent additions include:

  • The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science, 4 vols., 2001
  • Encyclopedia of American Studies, 4 vols., 2001
  • Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 4 vols, 2001
  • Encyclopedia of Business and Finance, 2 vols., 2001
  • Encyclopedia of Communication and Information, 3 vols., 2002
  • Encyclopedia of Global Change, 2 vols., 2002
  • Encyclopedia of Microbiology, 4 vols., 2000
  • Encyclopedia of Sociology, 5 vols., 2000
  • Encyclopedia of Stress, 3 vols., 2000
  • Encyclopedia of the American Civil War, 5 vols., 2000
  • Encyclopedia of the American Constitution, 6 vols., 2000
  • Encyclopedia of the Renaissance, 6 vols., 1999
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, 5 vols., 2002
  • The Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing & Allied Health, 5 vols., 2002
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Science, 6 vols., 2001
  • International Wildlife Encyclopedia, 22 vols., 2002
  • International Encyclopedia of Women and Sports, 3 vols., 2001
Since reference books are not usually checked out to patrons, these books should be in the library for your perusal at any time.

For Visually Impaired

Kurzweil Educational Systems, Inc. manufactures devices for people with learning disabilities, with reading difficulties, or who are blind or visually impaired. We recently received two of the Kurzweil products in the library.

The Kurzweil 1000 allows print documents to be scanned and then converted into speech. This allows users who are blind to have any of our print materials read to them. The system is also capable of reading from a variety of file formats.

The Kurzweil 3000 is designed for scanning, reading and writing and may be used by people with learning disabilities or reading difficulties. This product may also increase reading speed and comprehension.

Both products should be installed this summer.

Mayfest Winners

Free pencils, computer disks and informational materials were given out at our booth during Mayfest. We also had a fact-guessing contest where contestants were asked to answer five questions about Umbreit Library. Around 175 contest entries were received.

First place went to Clark Bingham. Clark won the flower basket that was created by Darlene DeHudy. Bill Loxterman won the Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. And, one of our MCC students, Valrey Kawgeshequoum, won the Barnes & Noble gift certificate. Congratulations!

New Library

Due to several factors, it was recently decided that the third level on the library will not be built. Instead, it has been proposed that a new library/technology building be constructed near or attached to the front of the main building.

Plans are underway to make this a reality. We are currently working with the architects as they design the new structure. If everything goes as scheduled, we should be in the new building in 2004.


Lost Computer Disks

Have you lost a computer disk? If you have used the disk in the library, please check at the reference desk. There is an accumulation of computer disks that people have inadvertently left in our disk drives. One of them may be yours!

Library Hours

Spring Session
(May 6 - June 28)
Monday - Thursday
8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Summer Session
(July 1 - August 23)
Monday - Tuesday
8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Wednesday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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