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Degree Audit Information

 Graduation Requirements—Students who graduate from Muskegon Community College will be awarded an Associate in Science and Arts degree, an Associate in Applied Science degree, a certificate, or a diploma. Graduation requirements for the Associate degree include two credits in physical education. Refer to program pages for specific courses which will fulfill graduation requirements. It is important to work with a counselor in planning your academic program. Not less than 30, or the last 15 hours in a degree program, must be taken at Muskegon Community College, and candidates must attain an overall minimum 2.0 “C” grade point average in their Associate Degree program. Health programs may have a different GPA requirement. The maximum number of cooperative internship credit hours that may be applied toward an Associate Degree is 12, and many programs permit even fewer. Consult the course requirements listed in this catalog for the maximum hours permitted by the business or technical program you wish to pursue. Individual departments make their own decisions about accepting work experience credits transferred from other institutions, or from other programs within MCC. Requests for exceptions to these graduation requirements must be brought before the Petitions Committee, with the full concurrence of the department(s) involved.

Application for Graduation—To graduate from Muskegon Community College with a degree or a certificate, you begin the process by completing an Application for Graduation. You must have completed at least 40 credit hours if you are applying for an associate degree. This form is available online and in the Records Office. The application deadline dates are as follows:

Fall Semester Graduation – November 1
Winter Semester Graduation – March 1
*Summer Session – July 1

*If you are applying for graduation in the summer and want to participate in the April commencement ceremony, your deadline to apply is March 1

The graduation audit will be based on the requirements in effect in the printed catalog at the time of the student’s initial enrollment, unless updated catalog requirements are specifically requested. (Students may not apply for graduation under requirements that were printed for a year they were not in attendance at the College.) Students returning to Muskegon Community College after an absence of FIVE YEARS OR LONGER will be under the requirements of the current catalog.

When your application for graduation is complete, a review of your academic record will be conducted by the Records Auditor to determine if graduation requirements have been met. You will be notified in writing of the results.

Students are not eligible for graduation until all delinquent tuition, fees, and fines have been paid. The student is responsible for meeting all graduation requirements.

Multiple Degrees—You may earn and be awarded two or more degrees (and/or certificates), provided that all academic requirements for the degrees have been met. A graduation audit will be conducted for each degree requested on the application for graduation. Multiple diplomas or certificates will be awarded where appropriate.  

 Print Application for Graduation/Audit Request Form 

Once form has been completed, you may mail form to: Muskegon Community College, Records Auditor, 221 S. Quarterline Road, Muskegon MI  49442 -- OR you may fax the form to (231) 777-0209.


Muskegon Community College's approved substitution/waiver does not guarantee recognition by other institutions.  Waiver merely  permits omission of a course; no course credit is granted.  Certain experiences, advanced coursework, test or combination of coursework occasionally suggest that a waiver is logical and educationally sound.  Substitution merely allows one course to replace another as a requirement.  For approval,  please contact your department chairperson to sign Substitution/Waiver  form below.

Print Substitution- Waiver Form