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 Why chemistry at  Muskegon Community College?

Muskegon Community College offers a variety of options for students who need a general science credit or who want serious chemical education both on and off campus.  Currently, the following options are offered by Greg Marczak.

  • Chemistry 109 Allied Health Chemistry - Online
  • Chemistry 109 Lab Allied Health Chemistry - Hybrid (Meets approximately every other week).
  • Chemistry 100, Introduction to Chemistry -Online Summer
  • Chemistry 100 lab - Online Summer
  • Chemistry 101 General Chemistry 1 - Online and On Campus 
  • Chemistry 101 lab -Online and On Campus
  • Chemistry 102 General Chemistry 1 - Online Summer
  • Chemistry 102 lab - Online Summer

All online courses require a proctored final at an accredited university. 

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About Greg Marczak's courses.

Online classes use online video tutorials and online assessments developed by the instructor.  My goal is to make your learning as personable as possible, reduce the amount of money you spend on course materials, and to be flexible to change teaching style to meet your learning style.

On campus, students in chemistry 101 have the chance to work on a special effects project.  Most students in the past have worked on "flashy" chemical reactions which produce loud booms, a lot of light, or a lot of smoke.  This project is incorporated into our course work with a demonstration event planned at the end of the semester.

I believe Muskegon Community College chemistry provides most students a unique and personal experience you will not be able to get at a larger university.  I encourage you to contact me directly to see if M.C.C. chemistry is right for you.

Greg Marczak, Muskegon Community College Chemistry Instructor

Sample syllabi (from previous semesters.  New students will  be given a new syllabus at the beginning of the semester).

Chemistry 100, 100a
Chemistry 101, 101a
Chemistry 102, 102a

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