Support Services

Under Section 504 and the ADA, the terms auxiliary aids and services include: qualified interpreters, note takers, transcription services, written materials, telephone handset amplifiers, qualified readers, taped text, Braille materials, acquisition or modification of equipment or devices, or other similar services and actions.

In postsecondary education, classroom accommodations are referred to as academic accommodations.

The accommodations/services available to students are based on the individual student’s disability-based needs. Accommodations/services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Extended Time – Extended time for testing is a basic accommodation for many disabilities.  The Special Service office will not grant a request for untimed exams and assignments. Students are expected to always have open communication with their professors regarding when assignments will be complete. Students are required to complete all assignments by the end of the semester. Students are required to work out extended time for test arrangements with their instructors. In situations where the instructor is not able to administer the test with extended time, the student can take their test in the Special Services office. In order to do so, a Testing Accommodation Form must be completed and returned to Special Services at least 3 days prior to the test date.

Tape-recorded textbooks and other alternative formats – The Special Services office can assist students who have vision, learning, and physical disabilities when ordering taped textbooks. This is usually done through Learning Ally. Students should make this request known as far in advance as possible.

Scribes – Scribes are available to assist with tests for students who do not have use of their dominant hand or for students with visual impairments. Students using scribes will take their tests in the Special Services office. In order to do so, a Testing Accommodation Form must be completed at least 3 days prior to the test date.

No Scantrons – Some students with visual disabilities, severe learning disabilities or severe ADD/ADHD have difficulty keeping their place on scantron forms, if this applies to you, first discuss this with your advisor and then indicate this accommodation request on your accommodation request form. Students to whom this applies may then write their answers directly on the exam.

Noise Reduced Room for Testing – This accommodation is used by students with anxiety disorders, severe ADD/ADHD and those students who need test assistants (i.e. readers). Please use an Accommodation Request Form.

Seizure Letters – For students with a seizure disorder it may be in their best interest to inform the professor of the specifics of their disability. The Special Services office will provide, upon the request of the student, a letter to the instructor informing them of students disorder. This letter gives the professor directions on what to do if the student has a seizure in class.

Note taker – The Special Services office provides note taker services to students who are unable to take their own notes. Special Services will supply students with note taking paper. Any difficulties finding a note taker should be discussed with the Special Services Office. Note takers are paid the current minimum hourly wage.

If upon the basis of your disability documentation you are entitled to receive note taker services, this accommodation does not, and should not replace or substitute for class attendance. Note takers will not be responsible for providing notes for you for missed class periods, unless your accommodation is consideration for absences that should be discussed with the note taker at the beginning of the semester.

Language Support for Limited English Proficiency – Peer tutoring or professional instructional persons are available to individuals whose native language is other than English and skill level is deficient.

Sign Language Interpreters – If interpreting services are needed for any college-related events (i.e., teacher meetings, study sessions, tutoring sessions, etc.) other than the regular class schedule, contact the Special Services office and submit an Interpreter Request Form at least 24 hours in advance.