Student Clubs and Organizations

Muskegon Community College encourages its students to participate in a variety of organized clubs to gain experience in leadership and cooperative planning, and to take advantage of the opportunity for social interaction. Full-time faculty advisors oversee each club. Members must be enrolled as students at MCC.

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Amateur Film Club

The purpose of the Amateur Film Club is to bring together a network of students who are interested in video and film production. Members of this club will work with all aspects of media, learn about different and new techniques, and most of all, create great contacts that may help them to succeed in the […]

American Foundry Society

The purpose of this organization is to promote the metal castings as a career choice for students upon completion of their degrees. The AFS also provides students with education and information on technology, marketing, management, human resources, and research as it relates to the manufacturing of metal castings, including knowledge of the suppliers and businesses which relate […]

Anime and Asian Culture Club

The purpose of the club is to expose people to new and fun Asian media through Anime, Manga, food and music. All members must be MCC students, have at least 2.0 GPA and be enrolled in 6 credit hours, pay dues, and attend meetings. For more information, contact Student Life, (231) 777 – 0216 or […]

Art and Graphic Design Club

The purpose of the Art Club is to encourage fine art awareness and increase the art department’s presence in the Muskegon Community College academic community (and the local Muskegon Area Community). To enhance, enrich, and foster art club member’s exposure to art and creativity through field trips, student exhibitions, workshops, and hosting visiting artists and […]


Black Student Alliance

The purpose and goals of the Black Student Alliance (BSA) involve presenting collecting and presenting information to Muskegon College Community as it pertains to the minority student’s activities on campus. BSA will strive to present positive images and share our heritage information as collected. Several annual projects include: providing the less fortunate with food baskets […]

Business Leaders of the 21st Century

The Business Leaders of the 21st Century helps to educate and share the opportunities available for everyone to own a business and become an entrepreneur. For more information, contact Student Life at (231) 777 – 0216 or by e-mail at  


Career Networking Club

The purpose of the Career Networking Club is to provide an environment for students to keep up to date on the latest career news; to share job hunting tips and tricks; to explore internships; and to generate contacts that may assist them in future career success. All members must be enrolled at Muskegon Community College […]

Christian Fellowship Club

MCC’s Christian Fellowship Club’s vision is to engage the campus in all its diversity with Jesus Christ, the greatest teacher who ever lived. We build collegiate fellowships and encourage Bible study. This is done through small groups on campus, and activities to foster Christian fellowship. Some of the things we do during the semester are: Bible study, using […]

Computing and Technology Club

The purpose of the club is to provide an environment for students to keep up to date on the latest technology news; to share computing tips and tricks, development techniques, and much more pertaining to native software, web applications, gaming, gadgets, operating systems, ethics of technology use, etc. For more information on the club contact […]


Gaming Club

The club’s purpose is to promote the culture of gaming into a more socially acceptable form of recreation and entertainment and to explore, play and discuss interactive media such as video games, role playing games, and board games. A Game Club member must be an MCC student maintaining a 2.5 GPA. Members are required to […]

Garden Club

The purpose of this club is to promote sustainability by helping students and the community members understand the basics of gardening and composting. MCC Garden Club will promote sustainability efforts through the production of locally grown organic vegetables and the reduction of landfill waste through recycling organic waste generated on campus. Club Advisor: Kathy Pollock […]

Gay Straight Alliance

The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) was started in the spring of 1999. At our meetings, we socialize, plan activities, and discuss and plan future projects. We also support one another, discuss issues relating to being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, and share information. Our mission is to promote awareness and understanding and provide a positive campus […]

Geography (Geo) Club

The GEO Club is an ‘informal learning’ student organization that works together to raise Earth-friendly understanding and awareness, as well as to gain experience in leadership and cooperative planning, and to take advantage of the opportunity for social interaction. Additionally, the GEO Club helps students make the connection between what they learn in Geography class […]


Hispanic Student Organization

The Hispanic Student Organization (H.S.O.) is a club at MCC which started in the Fall of 2002. Our Goal in H.S.O. is to: –  build positive attitudes towards higher education –  increase self-esteem and dignity –  develop participation and leadership skills –  study and appreciate the Hispanic culture and heritage Anyone and everyone can join. If […]

Hockey Club

The mission of the hockey club is to promote competitive hockey for all eligible students at Muskegon Community College. Any student attending Muskegon Community College for not less than 9 credit hours with a 2.00 G.P.A is eligible to participate in the club program. For more information, contact club advisor Carolyn Kamerad at 231-777-0402 or […]


International Club

Welcome to the International Club’s webpage!  Our club consists of people from all over the globe — Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America are currently represented.  Please join us as we get to know each other, and our countries.  All MCC students and foreign exchange students are welcome! Contact club advisors for club […]


MCC Campus Republicans

The Muskegon Community College Campus Republicans is a group organized to bring together campus republicans in order to work to get republican candidates into office, as well as work to develop a republican presence on campus. For more information, contact Student Life at 231-777-0216 or e-mail

Motorsports Club

The MCC  Motorsports Club provides opportunities to learn and share information about the auto industry and any form of motorsports. Club members participate in field trips, hear guest speakers, and take part in a hands-on project, currently, a 1988 Mustang fastback superstock drag car. Any student enrolled who has interest in automotive technology is invited […]


Nature Club

Members of the Nature Club will promote and increase biological and ecological awareness and education within club and local community through discussions, field trips, community service, seminars, and activism concerning local issues. Activities will also provide students opportunities to develop leadership and organizational skills. For more information, contact Student Life at (231) 777-0216 or


Philosophy Club

Members and guests of the club discuss a wide range of philosophical problems such as immortality, the ethics of technology, just wars, etc. Through the exchange of views and opinions, participants have a great opportunity to improve their abstract thinking skills, enrich their knowledge, as well as confirm or dismiss their previous opinions on the discussed […]


Respiratory Therapy Student Club

The purpose of the Respiratory Therapy Student Club is to promote personal and professional growth of its members by providing academic and social support networks. All members must be currently enrolled in Muskegon Community College’s Respiratory Therapy Program or on the current waiting list. For additional information contact faculty advisor Dan Knue at or […]


Join the ROTARACT Club. If you are interested in : Building and honing your group leadership and organizational skills Being a more effective public speaker Helping your community through public service and mentoring Investigating other countries through international educational exchange and travel. For more information, contact Club Advisor Mike Alstrom at (231) 777-0307.  


Social Science Association

The Social Science Association shall strive to bring awareness to both the community and students on pressing social issues. These goals shall be accomplished through: speakers, interactive training, organizing and promoting events, and through community and student education. For more information contact, contact Student Life at (231) 777-0216 or by e-mail at

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) shall: Provide a means of communication between the student body and the college administration, faculty and the Board of Trustees. Encourage and promote interest and spirit in college activities and affairs. Provide a vital and appropriate voice for students in the governance of Muskegon Community College pertaining to the students. Protect the […]

Student Nurse Club

The Student Nurse Club was formed to provide peer support and a sense of nursing community as well as Nursing Program information for the nursing student during their educational experience. The Student Nurse Club (SNC) is an official MCC-sanctioned campus club.  SNC meets bimonthly at noon on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month starting September […]

Student Veteran Organization

<align=”left”> The Student Veteran Organization is a club at MCC which started in the winter of 2009.  The Student Veteran Organization mission is to: Help facilitate the transfer of military and veteran students and their families into the Muskegon Community College campus Connect veterans connect with the resources available in the community at large Promote student awareness of veteran […]

Support of Adult Student Success (S.A.S.S.)

The S.A.S.S. Club is for people who may be: – Managing the stress of returning to school after a leave or life change – Needing support in life transitions – Wanting fellowship of other non-traditional students – Looking for support as a first-time adult student We have Informational Speakers, group meetings and fun activities. Get […]


Teachers of Tomorrows Students (TOTS)

The T.O.T.S. Club is for students in the area of education.  T.O.T.S. is a student affiliate of the LAEYC (Lakeshore Association for the Education of Young Children) and the NAEYC (National Association of Young Children).  Contact Jennifer Volkers, Education Program Coordinator, at (231) 777-0397 or at for more information.          

Track and Field Club

Muskegon Community College students wishing to participate in any track and field event, especially those with experience in the throwing events, are encouraged to join this new MCC club. For more information, contact: Dan Fishel at (231) 777-0562 or by e-mail at


Writing Club

The writing club was formed to provide a support system to help and guide amateur authors gain a better understanding of their work. Any current student, Alumnae, or faculty member is eligible to join regardless of GPA. For more information, contact Student Life at (231) 777-0216 or by e-mail at    

Registered Student Organization / Club Guidelines and forms: