Christian Fellowship Club

Students at a meetingMCC’s Christian Fellowship Club’s vision is to engage the campus in all its diversity with Jesus Christ, the greatest teacher who ever lived. We build collegiate fellowships and encourage Bible study. This is done through small groups on campus, and activities to foster Christian fellowship.

Some of the things we do during the semester are:

  • Bible study, using several different types of study,
  • Fellowship with other Christians on campus, eating lunch together,
  • Invite local speakers and pastors from the community to present topics, ministries, and Christian organizations,
  • Sponsor times for volleyball at a local church in the evenings,
  • Participate with See You at The Pole, and
  • Sponsor campus wide service projects, such as with the Michigan Gift of Life organization.

Faculty advisor:  Gary Nonnemacher. Gary can be reached at 231.777.0280, the Mathematics Office area, First floor, odd side of MCC main building, or at

For general information on the club, please contact Ann McManus (231)777-0216 in Room 103, right across from the Barnes & Noble Bookstore.