S.T.E.M Club

MCC STEM Club — (this page is currently being updated)

The Muskegon Community College Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Club is designed to help our students interact with instructors, peers, and professionals from the local area.  To make this happen, we use a social network www.muskegonscholars.ning.com to develop mentorships, announce club events, and meet with professionals in the STEM fields.

We are very interested in having local professionals from industry and academia join this network.  What would your involvement be?  It’s completely up to you.  The social network will allow you to keep track of the activities of the club and you may participate as time allows.  From time to time, students may ask specific questions, which will be directed to your site on the social network.

Currently, we have decided to create our own social network.  Using a service called "Ning", this network does not contain all the bells and whistles of  Facebook, but is instead meant to be simple and easy to use.   The easiest way to get started, is to contact greg.marczak@muskegoncc.edu with an email requesting that you would like to join our network.  Make sure you include the email you most often use.  He will then send you a link which makes it easy to sign up.

If you want to check out the site on your own, go to www.muskegonscholars.ning.com.  It is a public site, so you can view it at your leisure.  To participate, you will need to click on the Sign-Up link on the right hand side of the page.  This will allow you to participate in the discussion and create your own members page.

The tabs at the top explained.

Main = This is the main page for the club.  It include the Events, the activities of the network, and Forums for discussing issues within the club.

My Page = This is where you add information about yourself.  You have full control of this page and this is where students may go to ask you questions.  This page is like your own web page.

Members = This shows all the members of the club.  We strongly recommend that you include a picture of yourself or your business.

You do have the option of making your information only accessible to certain members.  If you wish to do this and need help, please email greg.marczak@muskegoncc.edu.

As we begin to participate in activities, we will posting videos and photos of our events.  We welcome any new ideas on the content of this site and look forward to all students and professionals in the area to be part of our network.

View the S.T.E.M. Club pdf.