Employer Information

Employers looking for skilled, motivated people find their answers by providing internship training sites for motivated students.  Internships, are they part of your human resource toolbox?

Frequently Asked Questions

Employer Advantages to hiring a MCC intern:

  • Saves both time and money in recruiting costs because the college provides a free referral service for qualified applicants.
  • Provides the opportunity to hire potential permanent employees through early identification of top co-ops/interns.
  • Permits better utilization of existing personnel.
  • Fills a temporary need for employees.
  • Provides support for special projects during peak periods.
  • Enhances the organization’s image and influence in the college community.
  • Stimulates new ideas in an organization and allows employees to stay current on developments in the academic world.
  • Advertises employment opportunities by providing broad exposure to student populations.
  • Helps increase opportunities to meet EEO guidelines.

Employers Note!

If you have a potential need for a intern and would like to review resumes, you just need to sign up with CollegeMatrix.  Employer’s steps to accessing CollegeMatrix: click on Employer on the site, Sign Up, Create a new Account for MCC, fill out information on the page then submit, application needs approval, once approved post job(s).   By signing up with CollegeMatrix you can review resumes, and contact students directly for interviews.  If an offer of employment is extended and accepted by a MCC student, the coordinator must be contacted.

Once hired, the student is considered an employee of the company and is subject to the rules and policies of that organization.  The coordinator will verify employment information including start date, hours and work responsibilities.  After a student is placed, the coordinator and/or faculty representative may make a brief visit on the job site.  At midterm and at the end of the internship assignment, an evaluation will be completed by the employer which will factor into the student’s grade for their internship experience.  Students must also complete all the requirements set forth at the beginning of the assignment.

Please contact one of these Internship Coordinators for more information:

Internship Coordinator for ART and COM:  Dan Rinsema-Sybenga

E-mail: Dan.Rinsema-Sybenga@muskegoncc.edu

Phone: (231) 777-0569

Internship Coordinator for Business, CIS, and CJ:  Irene Church

E-mail: Irene.Church@muskegoncc.edu

Phone: (231) 777-0605

Internship Coordinator for Engineering and Skilled Trades:  Val Shelby

E-mail: Val.Shelby@muskegoncc.edu

Phone: (231) 777-0217