Sustainability Resources

Sustainability efforts at MCC come in the context of the wider Sustainability movement. Below are some links to resources and other sustainability initiatives that are of interest. These sites offer a wide variety of sustainability resources.

MCC’s Sustainability Home Page

Muskegon County Office of Sustainability
Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
Creative Change Educational Solutions
Center for Ecoliteracy







Please Recycle


Cannot be Recycled at this Time

Office Paper/Junk Mail Paper may be white, colored, glossy, computer, stapled, notebook, or envelopes. Paper towel, tissues, self-adhesive or windowed envelopes, metal or plastic bound paper, paper cups, photographs, or computer paper wrappers.
Paper Publications Catalogs, magazines, ad inserts, newspaper, copy paper, ruled paper, paperback and telephone books.
Boxboard/Cardboard Boxes from cereal, tissue, shoes, pop, and packing. Pizza boxes, waxed/lined boxes, frozen food containers, or egg cartons.
Rinsed Containers – lids must be removed. Tin, aluminum, and steel containers. This includes rinsed food containers and clean aluminum foil.
Rinsed Glass bottles and Jars – lids must be removed and generally discarded. Discard lids unless plastic with no adhesive.No fluorescent tubes, ceramics, dishes, light bulbs, or Pyrex containers.
Rinsed Plastic Containers with lids removed. Must have arrows and recycle number 1-7. Lids must be removed and may be recycled. Please compress container if possible. No Styrofoam, straws, tablecloths, plastic wrap, nor bottles that held motor oil or other toxic liquids. If no recycle (chasing) arrows are present it may not be recycled. This includes silverware, plates, or cups.



Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):
Climate Change

Individual Waste Reduction Management (calculates energy saved from recycling)

Junk Mail.  It is estimated that each person receives approximately 34 pounds of junk mail per year.  For more information on how to stop junk mail go to:

Medical waste.  Please do not flush down toilets or put in the trash.  The Muskegon Area Medication Disposal Program (MAMDP) has established partnerships with six local law enforcement agency locations to offer safe, convenient collection and environmentally responsible disposal of controlled medications. 

Montague Police Department / 8778 Ferry St, Montague / 231.893.0810

Muskegon County Sheriff’s Office Records / 25 W Walton Ave, Muskegon / 231.724.6351

Muskegon County Sheriff Road Patrol Offices / 1611 E Oak Av, Muskegon / 231.724.6259

Muskegon Police Department / 980 Jefferson St, Muskegon / 231.724.6750

Norton Shores Police Department / 4814 Henry St, Norton Shores / 231.733.2691

Roosevelt Park Police Department / 900 Oak Ridge Rd, Muskegon / 231.755.3721

Please check for updated program information as it becomes available.

Please also note that non-controlled medications can be taken to a network of local independent pharmacies during normal business hours including:

Benson’s Drug SavMor #17* / 961 Spring Street, Muskegon / 231-722-2861

Watkins Pharmacy / 1391 E. Sherman Boulevard, Muskegon / 231-739-7158

Glenside Pharmacy / 1663 W. Sherman Boulevard, Muskegon / 231-755-2443

Hackley Professional Pharmacy / 1675 Leahy Street, Suite 111, Muskegon / 231-728-5888

Lakes Campus Pharmacy / 6401 Prairie Street, Suite 1100, Muskegon / 231-727-7968

Westshore Professional Pharmacy / 1150 E. Sherman Boulevard, Suite 1400, Muskegon / 231-672-2204

Wolf Lake Pharmacy / 5483 E. Apple Avenue, Muskegon / 231-788-4087

*Sharps will also now be accepted in a proper sharps container at the Benson’s Drug Savmor #17 and the Hackley Professional Pharmacies ONLY.


Styrofoam. Take clean, white styrofoam packaging material such as blocks and peanuts to NuPac Solutions, Inc. at 2850 Lincoln, Norton Shores (M-F 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.).  Place styrofoam inside southwest corner door off parking lot. Friday side door is open 7:00 am -12:00 pm. Go to office on Friday afternoon. They will open the side door.  This facility is unable to take food containers, foam, or spongy packing material.