Corrections Academy

Train for a career in corrections close to home with the new Michigan Corrections Officer Training Academy coming to Muskegon Community College!

MCC is now offering the Michigan Corrections Officer Training Academy program two or three times each year. Recent legislation allows colleges to offer an eight-week training academy for corrections officers.

To become a corrections officer, applicants need to complete a minimum of 15 college credits in a prescribed selection of courses before applying. Previously, workers were trained by MDOC after they were hired; now, prospective workers will complete an application with the Department of Corrections, complete the civil service exam, and could then be interviewed and go through physical testing for a corrections job. If that is successful, they may then enroll in the training academy, and would then have a good chance of being hired as a corrections officer. The training is closer to home for many, as training was previously offered only in Lansing.

Careers in corrections vary depending on the site. Most corrections officers with the MDOC will be working with convicted felons, overseeing them and maintaining order in the facilities. For example, corrections officers may work in or supervise activities in a housing unit, a food service program, a leisure/athletic area, or work in a gun tower. Those considering going into corrections should have good people and interpersonal skills. Corrections can also be a good starting point to other careers, such as parole or probation.

MCC offers associate degree and certificate programs in corrections. Further education will help officers improve their job skills and open up opportunities for advancement.

MCC’s second academy is tentatively scheduled for January 26.

The first step to be a part of the academy is to complete an initial application which will trigger a second application when a $400 deposit will be due. Please click here to download the application for submission.

If you have questions please call Bonnie Lipan at (231) 777-0456.