Serving Your Businesses

MCC knows partnerships with the business community are necessary for our mutual success. Below please find a number of ways that MCC can partner with your business.

Job Postings– Are you looking for qualified candidates for your job openings? Visit us in our Employment Resource Center and post your job openings today.

Internships –Your business can take advantage of skilled, motivated students who will receive experience in their field of study through MCC’s internship program. Post your potential intern request at

Apprenticeship– Teaching the next generation skills and knowledge in a formal training atmosphere for employees of area companies.

Customized Trainings and Workforce Development- Increase productivity with a cost-effective, flexible program designed for your worker’s training needs, or find out how MCC can help you meet your workforce needs.

Academic Offerings– MCC has numerous academic and technical course offerings that may be of interest to employers and employees within the business community.

Sponsor authorization– Employer/Agency Sponsors have been developed to aid employers who send their employees to MCC for education or training. This makes the process easier for an employer, or agency to get an employee enrolled and their educational expenses billed.

Conference and Catering– Whether you require business meeting facilities for small, or large, groups MCC can accommodate your needs, providing refreshments and technical equipment.

Foreign Language– Need an interpreter or want to improve your language skills to build your business relationships? MCC can provide classes/translation services in French, German, Chinese and Spanish.

Institute for Healing Racism– Improve relations within the workplace with courses designed to be safe for all participants.