Credit for Industry-Recognized Credentials


Muskegon Community College recognizes that industry-recognized credentials, such as professional licensures and certifications, represent a level of learning and competency for which college credit may be granted.

How to Apply for Credit

Students enrolled in a degree or certificate program at MCC may submit a copy of their current industry-recognized credential and the Credit for Industry-Related Credentials Application Form to the Registrar’s Office in one of the following ways:

The Registrar’s will forward the credential and application form to the appropriate academic department at MCC, and the academic department will determine if MCC credit may be awarded. Approval is at the discretion and approval of the relevant academic department at MCC.

How Credit May Be Used

Credit granted for industry-recognized credentials is intended to fulfill academic program requirements at MCC and is not intended to transfer to other institutions. Due to the requirements of the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), credit granted for industry-recognized credentials may not be used to fulfill MTA requirements at this time.

While there is not a maximum number of credits a student may be granted for industry-recognized credentials, students must complete at least 30 credit hours, or the last 15 credit hours of a degree, at MCC in order to receive a MCC degree.

Credit Equivalencies

Equivalent MCC course credit may be granted for industry-recognized credentials at the discretion of the appropriate academic department at Muskegon Community College. Below are the industry-recognized credentials that are currently approved for MCC course credit. Please be aware that each industry-recognized credential must be current/active and earned within a specific timeframe that is determined by the corresponding academic department at MCC.

Students seeking credit for an industry-recognized credential that’s not listed below should still send their credentials to MCC for consideration of credit.

Industry-Recognized Credential Equivalent MCC Course(s) MCC Credits Awarded
Certified Billing and Coding Specialist AH 104 2
Child Development Associate (CDA) ED 111A, ED 210, ED 220B, ED 252B 11
CompTIA A+ CIS 109A, CIS 209A 5
CompTIA Linux+ CIS 275 3
CompTIA Network + CIS 183 3
CompTIA Security + CIS 293A 3
State of Michigan Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) NUR-100, NUR-121A, NUR-126, NUR 131B, NUR 141B, AH 111 26