Life Experience Assessment Program (LEAP)


Students may be granted credit towards an academic program at MCC through the Life Experience Assessment Program (LEAP). This program is for students who can provide documentation showing they already possess the knowledge or skills that are equivalent to MCC coursework.

How to Apply

Students seeking LEAP credit must submit the LEAP application form, along with supporting documentation. The form provides more details to help guide you in preparing your application. Before submitting a LEAP application, you must pay the $20 per credit LEAP application fee by calling the Financial Services office at (231) 777-0249 or by visiting the Student Welcome Center on the Main Campus.

LEAP application material may be submitted by email to, by fax to (231) 777-0209, or in-person at the Student Welcome Center. Be sure to follow the instructions on the LEAP application form before submitting the application.

Cost & Payment

There is a non-refundable $20 per credit hour fee that must be paid before submitting LEAP application material. This fee is for the evaluation of the LEAP application and applies to the number of credits that the student is applying for, not the number of credits the student is awarded for LEAP. Payment of the LEAP application fee does not guarantee any LEAP credits will be awarded. Financial aid funds may not be used to cover LEAP application fees.

You may pay LEAP application fees by calling the Financial Services office at (231) 777-0249 or by visiting the Financial Services office on the Main Campus.

Important Reminders

  • Students are highly encouraged to review their LEAP application material with either a MCC Counselor or with the appropriate academic Department Chairperson prior to submitting and paying for a LEAP application.
  • Students may earn a maximum of 30 credits through LEAP.
  • LEAP credits are intended to fulfill academic program requirements at MCC and are not intended transfer to other institutions. As such, students must be actively enrolled in a credential-seeking program at MCC in order to apply for LEAP credit.
  • Students combining LEAP credit with other forms of prior learning credit (such as AP, CLEP, IB, Credit for Industry Recognized Credentials, etc.) must still meet MCC’s degree residency requirement, which requires students to complete at least 30 total credits, or the last 15 credits, at MCC in order to earn a degree at MCC.
  • Due to statewide rules, LEAP credits may not be used to fulfill requirements for the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA).
  • Students seeking credit solely based on a professional licensure or certification should follow the Credit for Industry-Recognized Credentials process rather than LEAP.


For guidance on submitting a LEAP application, please contact a MCC Counselor or the appropriate Academic Department Chairperson. Visit the Counseling and Advising Center page for more information about how to connect with a Counselor. To find the contact information for a specific Academic Department, visit the Academic Departments page.

For questions about MCC’s LEAP policy or the status of a LEAP application you already submitted, please contact the Registrar’s Office at