The Master Plan Process

After a year of investigation, data gathering, and strategic planning, Muskegon Community College completed a facility master plan in 2010 that indicated a clear need for additional instruction space. The master planning process was coordinated by the architectural firm TowerPinkster and included input from students, faculty, the MCC Board of Trustees, and community members. The final plan defined three academic areas that require expansion in order to meet student needs: science, health education, and creative/performing arts.

To download the Master Plan in its entirety, click on Complete Master Plan. The file is quite large so please be patient on slower connections. You can select individual sections of the Master Plan below:

CoverContentsIntroductionExecutive SummaryBudget SummaryHistory, Mission, and Goals

Trends & Observations

Room Utilization Analysis

First Floor Room Utilization Graphic

Second & Third Floor Room Utilization Graphic

Assessment of Existing Conditions

Existing Conditions Graphic

Site Analysis Graphic

Master Plan Overview & Content

Site Plan Graphic

 MCC Cost Summary Description

Cost Summaries – All Projects

Arts Addition Budget

Downtown Center – New Construction BudgetDowntown Center – Existing Building BudgetScience Addition BudgetGymnasium Addition BudgetMiscellaneous Projects BudgetMCC Implementation Strategy


MCC Facilities Assessment – Arts and Maintenance Buildings

MCC Facility Assessment – Bartels-Rode Gymnasium

MCC Facility Assessment – Main Building North

MCC Facility Assessment – Main Building South

MCC Facility Assessment – Meijer LIT

MCC Facility Assessment – Overbrook Theatre

MCC Facility Assessment – Stevenson Center

MCC Facility Assessment – Technology Building

MCC Structural Assessment

MCC Maintenance Budget

MATS Route Map

MATS Schedule

MCC Population Projections