List of Winter 2018 Classes at Sturrus Technology Center

Downtown Center


To sign up for classes at MCC’s Sturrus Technology Center in downtown Muskegon, go to Search for Sections in WebAdvisor, or the MCC portal, and choose Downtown Muskegon as your location to easily find the classes being held downtown.

AMT-129-W69 Introduction to Technology
ARE-115-W69 Wind & Solar Install
BUS-127-W69 Human Relations
CAD-100-W69 Introduction to Drafting
CAD-120-W69 Descriptive Geometry
CAD-150-W69 Blueprint Reading
CAD-210-W69 Paramet Design I-Part Model
CAD-220-W69 Parametric Design II
CAD-230-W69 Tool Design
CAD-250-W69 Intro to SolidWorks 3D
CAD-255-W69 Introduction to Siemens NX
ELTC-101L&L-W69 Electricity-Basic
ELTC-150-W69 Industrial Electricity
ELTC-160L&L-W69 Programmable Controllers
ELTR-102A-W69 Active Devices & Circuit Ana
ELTR-112-W69 Digital Electronics I
ELTR-202A-W69 Industrial Electr Syst
ELTR-211A-W69 Microcomputer Interfac & Rob
ELTR-212-W69 Medical Instrument & Measure
ENG-101-W69 English Composition
HIST-201-W69 U.S. to 1877
HIST-216-W69 Introduction to WW II
MET-101-W69 Industrial Materials
MET-102-W69 Basic Cast Metals
MET-201-W69 Metallurgy
MT-101A-W69 Basic Machining
MT-102-W69 Intermediate Machining
MT-103-W69 Advanced Machining
MT-205-W691 NC/CNC(Num Con/Comp Num Cntrl
MT-216-W69 Adv. Comp Aid Design
MT-225-W69 Mold Making
MT-230-W69 Basic Diemaking
MT-240-W69 Basic Machine Repair
TMAT-101A-W69 Technical Math I
TMAT-102A-W69 Math-Technical II
TMAT-201-W69 Math-Technical III
W-101-W69 Basic Welding
W-102-W69 Welding-Advanced
W-103-W69 MIG/TIG Welding
W-201-W69 Structural Welding
W-202-W69 Pipe Welding
W-203-W69 Welding Maintenance
W-204-W69 Welding Supervision
W-297AU-W69 Welding Automation

NOTE: Classes are subject to change and WebAdvisor is the most up-to-date way to see which classes are currently available.