MCC Board Policy Governance Manual

A two-year college board should operate within a pattern of carefully conceived and clearly stated policies. The Board of Trustees of Muskegon Community College is the final authority in setting policy for this institution. Board policy provides the basic guidelines for discretionary action by the administration. The Board of Trustees approves the rules and regulations that are consistent with its policies.

The purpose of this Board Policy Governance Manual is to provide the Board of Trustees with basic principles of action upon which to build consistent and stable administration, to aid in the orientation of new board members and college personnel, to set forth a basis for the evaluation of educational services, and to assist in relating the college to the public it serves.

Board policy is established only by board action in public session. Records of this policy are included in a board policy manual as amended. The Board Policy Governance Manual is the official compilation of policy determined by Board of Trustees action.

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