Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)


Please be advised that when taken as a stand-alone class, AH 107 is not financial aid eligible.

If you would like to apply for the CNA class at MCC, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have applied to be a student at MCC. Your program code should be HESCI – Health Science. (https://www.muskegoncc.edu/enrollment-services/apply-to-mcc/)
  2. Make sure you are signed in to your MyMCC page.
  3. Fill out the CNA application by clicking here.
  4. Make an appointment with MCC Counseling & Advising (https://www.muskegoncc.edu/counseling-and-advising-center/) if you need to change your program code or would like to discuss your options further.
  5. Watch for an email regarding registering for the CNA class. Registration is restricted and you must reply to that email in order to be added to the next class.

Once you apply, you will be placed in a special Blackboard CNA Waitlist site. Registration for this course is restricted so please watch for the announcement regarding openings in upcoming classes and respond via your official MCC email if you want to register.

General questions can be sent to jodie.leonard@muskegoncc.edu.



In order to be accepted into the CNA course, students must be able to meet the following essential functions of the occupation for Certified Nurse Aides / Home Health Aides:
• Communicate effectively with clients, families, health care team members, peers, and faculty.
• Stand and walk for six to eight hours/day.
• Bend, squat, and kneel.
• Assist lifting or moving clients and with use of appropriate mobility devices.
• Perform CPR, i.e., move client to compress chest and manually ventilate client.
• Work with arms fully extended overhead.
• Use hands for grasping, pushing, pulling, and other fine manipulation.
• Demonstrate eye/hand coordination for manipulation of equipment, procedural supplies, etc.
• Possess tactile ability to differentiate changes in sensation.
• Possess auditory acuity to hear normal voice and hear manual blood pressure.
• Possess auditory acuity to hear client’s calls for assistance without facing the client.
• Possess auditory acuity to interpret various equipment signals and use the telephone.
• Possess visual acuity to read and distinguish colors, to read handwritten /printed data.
• Possess visual acuity to clearly view electronic monitors and scales to correctly interpret data.

Nurse Aides / Home Health Aides Job Outlook from the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics Projected 2012-2022

Nurse aides help provide basic care for patients in hospitals and residents of long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes and private residences. They are frequently active and may need to help lift or move patients.

Pay The median wage in Michigan in 2023, according to Talent.com, is $39,174.