Reflections Online — Winter 2015


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  Winter 2015
 Dr. Randy Pearson on the MSU sideline
Healing Spartan Football
Team Physician for MSU football, MCC grad
Dr. Randy Pearson discusses his education at
Muskegon Community College.
 Jeff DeYoung and his service dog, Cena
A Soldier’s Best Friend
Afghanistan veteran and MCC student Jeff DeYoung
reunites with his service dog Cena.
 MCC students Logan Weesies and DJ Morris with their winning chair design
CAD Students Sit Down on the Job
MCC tech students design chairs using recycled
 Students are awarded scholarship opportunities
Thankful for Your Support
Scholarship students get help with the costs of
college education.
 50th Anniversary Exhibit of the Snurfer
It’s Downhill All the Way!
Back where it all began, MCC’s 50th Anniversary
Exhibition Celebrates the Snurfer, forerunner of
today’s sport of snowboarding.
What’s Happening at MCC?
Winter is a busy time at MCC! Check here for
a list of fun and educational events!
Everything You Wanted to Know…
Updates on MCC’s new construction and renovations
~ MCC President Dr. Nesbary’s Blog
~ MCC Press Releases
~ Alumni, tell your story here!