Art and Music Building

In 2010, Muskegon Community College identified the art and music programs for upgrades as part of its Facilities Master Plan. After years of planning, the Art and Music Building opened to students on August 26, 2019. The $9 million renovation project transformed the vacated Applied Technology Building into a state-of-the-art facility supporting the educational pursuits of arts and music.

Below is a room by room description of the facilities that were created through this project:

Art and Music Building

  • Medium Ensemble Room – This practice room will hold groups of 60 players. All MCC vocal and instrumental ensembles will rehearse here. The room will feature acoustic panels to optimize sound. Groups that play here will have the ability to have their performances recorded.
  • Keyboard Lab – This technology enhanced classroom will feature 12 student stations with keyboards and integrated desktop computers. Classes here will include theory and composition classes.
  • Teaching Suites – There will be three acoustically controlled teaching suites which will accommodate an instructor with a small group of students.
  • Practice Rooms – There will be six individual, sound controlled rooms where music students will be able to practice their instruments.
  • Student Instrument Storage – This row of lockers will allow students to safely stow their instruments while they are not in use.
  • Music Library – This spacious room, with its large tables for sorting music, will allow the MCC music department to store its extensive library of music and also to store and record music that is purchased or borrowed while it is being used by ensembles.
  • College Instrument Storage – MCC maintains some instruments for students to use and this room allows them to be stowed safely when not in use.
  • Student Lounge – This room, located at the confluence of the art and music wings of the building, can be used by any MCC student or guest. The facility features comfortable seating and some vending options.
  • Art and Music Building3D Art Studio – This studio, which will facilitate the teaching of sculpture for up to 20 students, features heavy duty tables with vices and appropriate storage for this discipline.
  • Painting Studio – This studio has tables with drawing boards for up to 20 students and mobile cabinets for storage.
  • Advanced Drawing Studio – This studio is equipped with drawing benches for up to 20 students.
  • Printmaking Studio – This studio has acid-resistant tables, necessary for the discipline of printmaking, to accommodate 20 students
  • Ceramics Studio – With a pottery wheel, a wedge table, and special canvas topped tables, this studio will accommodate 20 students.
  • Kiln Room – This accessory room to the ceramics studio contains three kilns for firing ceramics.
  • Woodshop – This small shop has saws and other equipment to facilitate projects for all the art studios.
  • Spray Booth – This paint room, which is vented for safe application of paint, facilitates projects for all the art studios.
  • Lecture/Viewing Classroom – This tiered classroom is used for lectures, in particularly for art history and other lecture-based art classes.
  • Faculty Studio – This studio allows space for faculty to develop their own teaching projects.
  • Student Open Studio – This open studio, which will allow students to work on projects outside of class, provides an extra, flexible instruction space when needed.
  • Matting and Collection Room – This room allows for these vital functions to be separated from the studios and to not interfere with instruction.
  • Art Supply Room – This room will support all of the studios with supplies.

These areas are planned but will not be completed with the improvements above
unless fundraising targets are met on time

  • Large Ensemble Room – This practice room will hold groups of 90 players and all MCC vocal and instrumental ensembles will rehearse here. The room will feature acoustic panels to optimize sound and having two ensemble rooms will allow two groups to rehearse at the same time.
  • 2D Drawing Studio – This drawing studio allows for two drawing classes at the same time and features drawing benches for up to 20 students.