2015-2016 Honors and Awards

Top Athletes 2016

Left to right, Female Athlete of the Year Award winner Katie Hendrickson, Male Athlete of the Year Award winner Cody Loss and John G. Thompson Student-Athlete of the Year Award winner Morgan Giddings

MCC Intercollegiate Athletics held its annual Outstanding Student-Athlete Awards Luncheon this afternoon in the Blue and Gold Room. The 2015-16 finalists and their families were invited to the event. Kaitlyn Hendrickson, a softball and bowling standout, won the Female Athlete of the Year Award. Cody Loss, a two-time men’s soccer team captain, was the Male Athlete of the Year. Morgan Giddings who excelled at both basketball and softball, received the John G. Thompson Student-Athlete of the Year Award. MCC Athletic Director Marty McDermott emceed the luncheon.

Fall 2015-16 Athletics Awards

Muskegon Community College announced its Fall 2015-16 intercollegiate athletics individual award winners in men’s and women’s cross country, men’s and women’s soccer, and volleyball.

The Jayhawk volleyball team tied for 12th in the nation, the MCC women’s cross country team took 22nd in the nation and the MCC men’s cross country squad placed 24th nationally. Women’s soccer finished with a 9-7 record and men’s soccer ended with a 10-10 overall mark. Both soccer teams advanced to the NJCAA Region XII Quarterfinals.

All-Region XII 1st Team – Miguel Flores
All-Region XII 2nd Team – Cody Loss
All-MCCAA 1st Team – Miguel Flores, Cody Loss
All-MCCAA Honorable Mention – Hayden Collins, Jared Jaekel, Jesus Corona, Jake Rajewski
All- MCCAA Freshman Team – Miguel Flores, Jake Rajewski
Team Awards: MVP – Cody Loss; Coaches Award – Jared Jaekel; Jayhawk Soccer Character Award – Emmitt Mikkelson;  Most Improved Player – Gary Sholty; Best Defensive Player – Cody Loss; Hawks Hustle Award – Brandon Edwards
Two Year MCC Award Winners –                Kyle Wansten, Emmitt Mikkelson, Brandon Edwards, Hector Chavez, Edgar Alvarez,  Andrew Jennings,  Jared Jaekel,  Adrian Briseño, Cody Loss, Jacob Rohlman, Jesus Corona, Charlie Wick,  Chaise Schuiteman, Alex Rop

All-Region XII 1st Team – Melodie Glotzbach
All-Region XII 2nd Team – Amanda Skidmore, Paige Baustert
All-MCCAA 1st Team – Melodie Glotzbach, Paige Baustert
All-MCCAA Honorable Mention – Amanda Skidmore, Lyric Glaser, Lauren Maus, Emily Sexton
All-MCCAA Freshman Team – Paige Baustert
Team Awards:   The Jayhawk Way MVP – Lauren Maus; The Jayhawk Way MVP – Melodie Glotzbach; The Golden Boot Award –  Paige Baustert; Most Improved – Megan McFarland
Two Year Awards – Melodie Glotzbach, Kaylie Cartwright, Kortnie Heinig, Kelli Kersting, Aliza Olsen, Kaitlin Richardson, Caitlin Hughey

All-Region XII 1st team –  Rachel Brown, Lindsey Jacobs
All-MCCAA – Rachel Brown, Lindsey Jacobs
MCCAA Coach of the Year – Rick Rykse
All-Western Conference 1st Team – Rachel Brown, Lindsey Jacobs
All-Western Conference 2nd Team – Hannah Deblois, Marissa Hassevoort
Western Conference All-Freshman Team – Rachel Brown, Marissa Hassevoort, Hannah Deblois, Lindsey Jacobs
Western Conference Freshman of the Year -Lindsey Jacobs
NJCAA District E All-Tournament Team – Marissa Hassevoort, Lindsey Jacobs
NJCAA District E Tournament MVP – Jane Kuipers
NJCAA District E Coach of the Year – Rick Rykse
Team Awards:  MVP – Lindsey Jacobs; Most Improved – Ashly Schuitema; Best Defensive Player – Marissa Hassevoort;  Best Offensive Player – Jane Kuipers; Inspirational Award – Brooke Day; Coaches Award – Morgan Kelley
Two Year Award – Veronia Booth

All-Region XII 3rd Team – Ernesto Gutierrez
Team Awards: Most Valuable Runner – Jose Hernandez; Most Improved Runner – Josh Brandel; ROHO (Heart) Award – Ernesto Gutierrez; SISSU (Guts) Awards – Colin Duca

All-Region XII 3rd Team – Sandy Kunnen
Team Awards: Most Valuable Runner – Sandy Kunnen; Most Improved Runner – Breunisje Kass-McGrady; ROHO (Heart) Award – Mckaya Groenwald; SISSU (Guts) Award – Maddie Hodges
Two Year Awards – Colin Duca; Austin Persoon; Sabrina Smith; Marlee Harris; Raquel Zavala

2015-2016 Winter Awards 

2015-2016 NJCAA Awards

Men’s Basketball

NJCAA Second Team All-American
Eddie Tornes

 NJCAA District 9 All-Tournament Team
Will Robertson Jr.
Eddie Tornes



  • Tobias Barnes-157 4th place finish Honorable Mention
  • Devan Richter-174 3rd place finish 3rd Team
  • Davon Jackson-165 NJCAA/NWCA Academic All-American

National Qualifiers

  • 125 – Damian Short
  • 133 – Zane Corey
  • 149 – Adam Kehr
  • 157 – Tobias Barnes (Central District Champion)
  • 165 – Davon Jackson (Central District Champion)
  • 174 – Devan Richter – (Central District Champion)
  • 184 – Tyler Blagg – (Central District Champion)

Men’s Bowling

National Finishers

  • 4

Women’s Bowling

  • Shelby Castenholz, 3rd in nation, Women’s Singles

2015-2016 MCCAA Awards

Men’s Basketball

All Region XII 1st team, All MCCAA, All-Western Conference First Team

  • Eddie Tornes

All-Western Conference Second Team

  • Will Roberson Jr.
  • Marcus Tumblin 

All-Western Conference Third Team

  • Terrance Cosby

Western Conference All Defensive Team

  • Aaron Sydnor

Women’s Basketball

All-Region XII Team 1st Team, All-MCCAA, All-Western Conference First Team

  • Morgan Giddings

All-Western Conference Second Team

  • Camaryia Williams 

All-Western Conference Third Team

  • Bailey Freeland

Western Conference All-Freshman Team

  • Camaryia Willams

Western Conference All-Defensive Team

  • Morgan Giddings

Western Conference Defensive Player of the Year

  • Morgan Giddings 

Men’s Bowling

All-Region XII Team 1st Team

  • Mark Edens

MCCAA All-Freshman Team

  • Mark Edens


  • Mark Edens

Women’s Bowling

All-Region XII First Team, All-MCCAA

  • Shelby Castenholz
  • Nicole DePender
  • Candace Sutter

MCCAA Singles Champion

  • Nicole DePender

MCCAA Player of the Year

  • Nicole DePender 

MCCAA All-Freshman Team

  • Alexis Carpenter 

MCCAA Coach of the Year

  • Bill Bowen  

2015-2016 MCC Team Awards 

Men’s Basketball 2015-16 

Women’s Basketball 2015-16

Most Valuable Player – Morgan Giddings

Most Improved Player – Kelsy Hackbardt

Coaches Award – Bailey Freeland 

Men’s Bowling 2015-16

Most Valuable Bowler – Brad Cook

Most Improved Bowler – Morgun McLouth

King Pin Award – Mark Edens

Women’s Bowling 2015-16

Most Valuable Bowler – Nicole DePender

Most Improved Bowler – Shelby Castenholz

King Pin Award – Candace Sutter

Wrestling 2014-15

Most Valuable Wrestler – Tobias Barnes

Most Valuable Wrestler – Devan Richter

Most Improved Wrestler – Tyler Blagg

Academic Achievement Award – Davon Jackson

Coaches Award – Tobias Barnes 

Two Year Participants Award

Women’s Basketball

Morgan Giddings

Samantha McGhan

Kimyonna Thompson

Kaylie Caverley

Francesca Cerniglia

Kelli McKinnon

Brittany Todd

Men’s Basketball

Will Roberson Jr.

Eddie Tornes

Aaron Sydnor

Marcus Tumblin

Nick Brown

Women’s Bowling

Shelby Castenholz

Nicole DePender

Rebecca Goodno

Katie Hendrickson

Candace Sutter 

Men’s Bowling

Brad Cook


Tobias Barnes

Davon Jackson


MCC Spring 2015-16 Award Winners


MCCAA Awards


All MCCAA Second Team

  • Mitchell Reyes

All MCCAA Third Team

  • Colin McClelland
  • Robert Spencer

All MCCAA Honorable Mention

  • Jacob Sposaro
  • Zach Vitkuske


All-Region XII 1st Team, All-MCCAA

  • Morgan Engelsman
  • Morgan Giddings
  • Carrie Mesman

First Team All-Western Conference

  • Morgan Engelsman
  • Morgan Giddings
  • Carrie Mesman
  • Katie Hendrickson

Second Team All-Western Conference

  • Amy Gillings
  • Briana Mairose

Honorable Mention All-Western Conference

  • Kyla Dutcher

Western Conference All-Freshman Team

  • Morgan Engelsman
  • Briana Mairose
  • Carrie Mesman

MCCAA Coach of the Year and MCCAA Western Conference Co-Coach of the Year

  • Ryan Schalk



  • Cam Phelps

First Team All-Western Conference

  • Glen Kastelic
  • Dylan Krim
  • Cam Phelps
  • Connor Phelps 

MCC Team Awards


Most Valuable Player – Robert Spencer

Pitcher of the Year – Jordan Wahr

Freshman of the Year – Colin McClelland

Gold Glove – Mitchell Reyes

Mr. Offense – Jacob Sposaro

Charlie Hustle – Caleb Sheffer

Role Player of the Year – Ryan McClelland


Most Valuable Player – Morgan Engelsman

Silver Slugger – Katie Hendrickson and Briana Mairose

Gold Glove – Morgan Giddings and Amy Gillings

Pitcher of the Year – Alexis Carpenter

Freshman of the Year – Carrie Mesman

Coaches Award – Lindsey Helsen

Hustle Award – CJ Masseau


Low Man Award – Glen Kastelic

Most Improved Player – Cam Phelps

Coaches Award – Connor Phelps

Two Year Participants Award

Dylan Krim – Golf

CJ Masseau – Softball

Katie Hendrickson – Softball

Morgan Giddings – Softball

Amy Gillings – Softball

Alexis Carpenter – Softball

Lindsey Helsen – Softball

Sammy Slachter – Softball

Candace Sutter – Softball

Robert Spencer – Baseball

Austin Curtis – Baseball

Ryan Beffrey – Baseball

Chad McClintock – Baseball

Parker Richardson – Baseball

Brian Erndteman – Baseball

Jordan Wahr – Baseball

Ted Walton – Baseball

Mitchell Reyes – Baseball

Rhett Holwerda – Baseball

Trevor Mosher – Baseball

Hayden Modaff – Baseball



Women’s Basketball
Women’s Bowling


Benjamin Fales – Men’s Soccer
Emily Sexton – Women’s Soccer
Noah Wittkopp – Baseball


Veronica Booth – Volleyball
Alexis Carpenter – Softball
Brooke Day – Volleyball
Morgan Giddings – Softball & Women’s Basketball
Lindsey Greer – Softball
Madison Hodges – Women’s Cross Country
Dylan Krim – Golf
Cody Loss – Men’s Soccer
Samantha McGhan – Women’s Basketball
Gregory Park – Baseball
Alexander Rop – Men’s Soccer
Jacob Sposaro – Baseball
Benjamin Sweedyk – Baseball
Mackenzie Wozniak – Women’s Soccer 


Paige Baustert – Women’s Soccer Megan McFarland – Women’s Soccer
Veronica Booth – Volleyball Sam McGhan -Women’s Basketball
Eric Bourdo – Men’s Soccer Kelli McKinnon – Women’s Basketball
Alexis Carpenter – Softball & Women’s Bowling Carrie Mesman – Softball
Francesca Cerniglia – Women’s Basketball Emmitt Mikkelson – Men’s Soccer
Hayden Collins – Men’s Soccer Hayden Modaff – Baseball
Brooke Day – Volleyball Aliza Olsen – Women’s Soccer
Nicole Depender – Women’s Bowling Greg Park – Baseball
Benjamin Fales – Men’s Soccer Connor Phelps – Golf
Bailey Freeland– Women’s Basketball Parker Richardson – Baseball
Morgan Giddings – Softball & Women’s Basketball Christopher Root – Wrestling
Rebecca Goodno – Women’s Bowling Alexander Rop– Men’s Soccer
Lindsey Greer – Softball Kayla Savacool – Softball
Lindsey Helsen – Softball Emily Sexton – Women’s Soccer
Katie Hendrickson – Softball & Women’s Bowling Amanda Skidmore – Women’s Soccer
Madison Hodges  – Women’s Cross Country Sammy Slachter – Softball
Davon Jackson – Wrestling Smith Sabrina– Women’s Cross Country
Lindsey Jacobs– Volleyball Jacob Sposaro – Baseball
Jared Jaekel – Men’s Soccer Ben Sweedyk – Baseball
Glen Kastelic – Golf Jordan Wahr – Baseball
Kelli Kersting – Women’s Soccer Kyle Wansten – Men’s Soccer
Haley Koetje – Volleyball Charles Wick – Men’s Soccer
Dylan Krim – Golf Kyle Winger – Men’s Soccer
Jane Kuipers – Volleyball Noah Wittkopp – Baseball
Cody Loss – Men’s Soccer Mackenzie Wozniak – Women’s Soccer
Courtney Masseau – Softball Raquel Zavala – Women’s Cross Country
Chad McClintock– Baseball



Justin Baker – Men’s Soccer Melodie Glotzbach – Women’s Soccer
Jacob Boes – Baseball Caitlin Hughey – Women’s Soccer
Kaylie Caverley – Women’s Basketball Sam Krause – Softball
Brad Cook– Men’s Bowling Colin McClelland – Baseball
Hannah Deblois – Volleyball Morgun McLouth – Men’s Bowling
Ryan Fields – Baseball Mitchell Reyes – Baseball
Amy Gillings – Softball Brittany Todd – Women’ Basketball
Lyric Glaser– Women’s Soccer


Male Athlete Of The Year- Cody Loss – Men’s Soccer
Female Athlete Of The Year – Katie Hendrickson – Softball
John G. Thompson Student Athlete Of The Year – Morgan Giddings – Softball/Women’s Basketball