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Men’s Bowling Team Takes Seventh in Nation; Women’s Team Places 10th Nationally

The MCC men’s bowling team finished seventh in the nation and the MCC women’s team placed tenth in the nation at the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Championship which concluded on Saturday, March 1, at the AMF Thruway Lanes in Cheektowaga, NY.

In the men’s competition, Vincennes (Ind.) won its eight team title in the past 12 years. Rounding out the top 10 were Schenectady CCC, Iowa Central, Mohawk Valley CC, Highland CC, Hudson Valley CC, Muskegon CC, Cayuga CC, SUNY Adirondack and Erie CC.

Erie CC won the women’s national title, followed in the final team standings by Highland CC, Schenectady CCC, Iowa Central, Hudson Valley CC, Cayuga CC, Westmoreland CC, Herkimer CCC, Schoolcraft College and Muskegon CC.

In the men’s competition, the MCC doubles team of Jimmy Strysick and Kyle Essenberg finished 4th out of 40 teams. Individually, Strysick took 14th, Mitch Wybenga 17th and Essenberg 25th out of 104 bowlers.

“Strong doubles and team performances put us in the top 10 heading into baker play,” said MCC Coach Bill Bowen, noting the effort by his sophomores Strysick, Essenberg, Logan Holland, Dylan Lewis, Cameron Calkins . “The sophomores really stepped it up in baker play to make sure we did not lose any ground.”

In the women’s competition, the Jayhawks finished 10th out of 15 teams. Jill Klein took 18th out of 75 bowlers in singles.

“The women’s team gained some experience for the style of play and type of environment that will we will hopefully take advantage of next season,” concluded Bowen.


Men’s and Women’s Bowling Compete

The Jayhawks traveled to Westland, Mich. this Saturday, Feb. 15 to bowl against Schoolcraft CC at Vision Lanes. The Jayhawks had both the Men’s and Women’s High Game Award Winners: Mitch Wybenga – 247 and Jill Klein – 220.


Muskegon CC Men’s Team I & II
Kyle Essenberg 200-207-181=588, Jimmy Strysick 173-188-225=586, Mitchell Wybenga 170-247-159=576, Dakota Hanson 190-180-197=567, Dylan Lewis 202-152-212=566, Logan Holland 141-190-213=544, Noan Carter 151-205-186=542, Tim Loeffler 171-158-201=530, Cameron Calkins 196-175=371

Muskegon CC Women’s Team
Jill Klein 189-166-220=575, Adrianna Baker 143-189-139=471, Caitlin Alviar 146-166-143=455, Shelby Luther 152-113-154=419, Rita French 92-90-82=264


The Jayhawks will bowl next at their own Muskegon CC Invitational Saturday, Feb. 21, at 11 .m. at Northway Lanes.

MCC Bowlers Perform Well at CCAC Invite

The Jayhawks traveled to Pittsburgh, Penn. on to compete in the 2014 CCAC Invitational Friday and Saturday, Jan. 31 and Feb. 1. The Bowlers competed at the North Versailles Center. Results are below:

Place Event (39 Individuals) Player Series
1st Men’s Singles Mitch Wybenga


8th Men’s Singles Time Loeffle


9th Men’s Singles Jim Strysick


10th Men’s Singles Cameron Calkins


11th Men’s Singles Kyle Essenberg


15th Men’s Singles Dakota Hanson


Place Event (20 teams) Player Series
3rd Men’s Doubles Jim Strysick



Noah Carter


6th Men’s Doubles Mitch Wybenga



Kyle Essenberg


9th Men’s Doubles Dakota Hanson



Logan Holland


Place Event (39 Individuals) Player Series
3rd Men’s All Events Mitch Wybenga


8th Men’s All Events Jim Strysick


9th Men’s All Events Kyle Essenberg


10th Men’s All Events Cameron Calkins


13th Men’s All Events Dakota Hanson


15th Men’s All Events Noah Carter


Place Event (39 Individuals) Player Series
7th Women’s Singles Adriana Baker


11th Women’s Singles Rita French


14th Women’s Singles Jill Klein


15th Women’s Singles Caitlin Alviar


Place Event (39 Individuals) Player Series
13th Women’s All Events Rita French 852
15th Women’s All Events Adriana Baker 843
16th Women’s All Events Jill Klein 818
17th Women’s All Events Shelby Luther 818
18th Women’s All Events Caitlin Alviar


Men’s and Women’s Bowling Beat Schoolcraft

The Jayhawks traveled to Livonia, Mich. on Friday, Jan. 24 where they competed against Schoolcraft at the Merri-Bowl Lanes.

The MCC men’s A team took first with 4,406, followed by Schoolcraft A 4,319, Schoolcraft B 3,994 and MCC B Team with 3,831

In the women’s competition, MCC beat Schoolcraft 3,590 to 3,213.

Muskegon CC Men’s Teams I & II
Gm 1 Gm 2 Gm 3 Series
Jimmy Strysick 203 210 233 646
Cameron Calkins 235 170 204 609
Dakota Hanson 188 205 215 608
Kyle Essenberg 201 203 203 607
Noan Carter 150 213 176 539
Logan Holland 160 181 177 518
Tim Loeffler 180 148 179 507
Dylan Lewis 150 158 148 456
Muskegon CC Women’s Team
Gm 1 Gm 2 Gm 3 Series
Caitlin Alviar 242 156 150 548
Jill Klein 173 150 155 478
Shelby Luther 142 161 170 473
Rita French 155 148 137 440
Adrianna Baker 135 147 153 435

MCC will be in action next Friday and Saturday, Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 in Pittsburgh, PA at Alleghany County CC. The competition will be at the North Versailles Bowling Center.

Men’s Bowling Wins Alma Invitational

MCC traveled to Alma, Mich. on Friday, Jan 17 to bowl in the Alma College Invitational. The Jayhawks competed against Alma and Schoolcraft. Both Men’s and Women’s teams started out slow but turned it on in the later rounds. MCC Men’s team finished first while the Women’s team finished second.

Men’s: Muskegon CC – 1st place

Leading Scores:


Noan Carter





Jimmy Strysick





Logan Holland





Dakota Hanson