2013-2014 Honors and Awards


MCC Recognizes Standout Athletes

Beka German (Fruitport HS) was selected the Women’s Athlete of the Year, Eric Hilt (Reeths-Puffer HS) was selected the Men’s Athlete of the Year and Kory Brown (Sparta HS) received the John G. Thompson Student Athlete of the Year award. All three were honored at a luncheon on May 28, 2014. Also honored as nominees were Megan VanderWal (Orchard View HS), Shawn Chamberlain (Dexter HS), Jason Ribecky (Muskegon Catholic Central HS), Amber Carmean (Fruitport HS), Tyler Covell (Cedar Springs HS), and David VanBergen (Fruitport HS).


Fall 2013

Most Valuable Players- Beka German, Brandie Jones, Meghan Birr
Most Valuable Player – Most Improved Player- Lindsey Kotecki
Best Defensive Player – Amber Carmean
Best Offensive Player – Elyse Ray
Most Inspirational – Beka German

Men’s Cross Country
Most Valuable Runner – Esrom Woldemichael
Most Improved Runner – Hiram “Alex” Drew
SISSU (Guts) – Jacob Baker
ROHO (Heart) – David VanBergen

Women’s Cross Country
Most Valuable Runner – Andrea Lavigne
Most Improved Runner – Miranda Buckwald
SISSU (Guts) – Samantha Eely
ROHO (Heart) – Summer Hussey

Men’s Soccer
Most Valuable Player – Eric Hilt
Coaches Award – Michael Hower
Jayhawk Men’s Soccer Character Award – Logan Holland
Most Improved Player – Tyler Sparks
Best Defensive Player – Brandon Gillikin
Shot Stopper Award – Loghan Stong
Hustle Award – Chris Saunders

Women’s Soccer
Most Valuable Player – Alyssa Panozzo
Most Imporved – Ashlee Taylor
Hustle Award – Linsye Haan

Two-Year Participants Awards
Beka German – Volleyball
Amber Carmean – Volleyball
Lindy Szilagyi – Volleyball
Hiram “Alex” Drew – Men’s Cross Country
David VanBergen – Men’s Cross Country
Mathias Waterstradt – Men’s Cross Country
Meagan Lavin – Women’s Cross Country
Zack Sutton – Men’s Soccer
Angel Riley – Men’s Soccer
Eric Hilt – Men’s Soccer
Michael Hower – Men’s Soccer
Tyler Sparks – Men’s Soccer
Brandon Prim – Men’s Soccer
Anna Carmean – Women’s Soccer
Nikole Heinig – Women’s Soccer
Amanda Whiting – Women’s Soccer
Timera Crosby – Women’s Soccer
Morgan Kantola – Women’s Soccer
Hannah Forner – Women’s Soccer
Linsye Haan – Women’s Soccer
Alyssa Panozzo – Women’s Soccer
Tehran Peffley-Rout – Women’s Soccer
Ashlee Taylor – Women’s Soccer

MCCAA Awards

Men’s Cross Country
Esrom Woldemichael – All Region XII 1st team, All MCCAA, All Freshman team 

Women’s Cross Country
Andrea Lavigne -All Region XII 2nd team
Summer Hussey, Andrea Lavigne – All MCCAA, All Freshman team

Men’s Soccer
MCCAA Co-Champions
Ben Ritsema -MCCAA Co-Coach of the Year
Eric Hilt, Zach Sutton – All Region XII 1st team, All MCCAA 1st team
Brandon Gillikin, Riley Kammeraad, Brandon Prim, Lpghan Stong,·All MCCAA Honorable Mention
Riley Kammeraad ·MCCAA All Freshman team
Eric Hilt -Region XII All Tournament team

Women’s Soccer
Linsye Haan – All Region XII 1st team, All MCCAA
Alyssa Panozzo – All Region XII 2nd team, All MCCAA Honorable Mention


 WINTER 2013-14

Coaches Awards

Men’s Bowling Awards
3 Amigos Award – “Clutch” – Kyle Essenberg
3 Amigos Award – “Got To” – Jimmy Strysick
3 Amigos Award – “Let’s Go Baby!” – Logan Holland

Women’s Bowling Awards
Most Valuable Bowler – Jill Klein
Most Improved Bowler – Shelby Luther
King Pin Award – Adrianna Baker

Wrestling Awards
Outstanding Wrestler Award – Zachary Cooper
Outstanding Freshman – Tyler Stenberg
Outstanding Freshman – Donavan Fouchey
Team Academic Award – Lukas Gilmore
Most Improved Wrestler – Shawn Chamberlain

Men’s Basketball Awards
Offensive Player of the Year – Marquise Hatter
Defensive Player of the Year – Jake Anderson
Most Valuable Player – Tyiwan Jones

Women’s Basketball Awards
Most Improved Player – Katie McKinnon
Coaches Award – Sonnie Kurnat
Most Valuable Player – Krystal Geers

Two Year Award Winners
Cameron Calkins – Men’s Bowling
Kyle Essenberg – Men’s Bowling
Logan Holland – Men’s Bowling
Dylan Lewis – Men’s Bowling
Jimmy Strysick – Men’s Bowling
Caitlin Alviar – Women’s Bowling
Adrianna Baker – Women’s Bowling
Shawn Chamberlain – Wrestling
Justin Hagar – Wrestling
Andrew Nold –Wrestling
Cody Stenberg – Wrestling
Marquise Hatter – Men’s Basketball
Jake Anderson – Men’s Basketball
Sonnie Kurnat – Women’s Basketball
Quaneshia McBride – Women’s Basketball

MCCAA Awards

Men’s Basketball
Tyiwan Jones – All-Western Conference 2nd Team
Marquise Hatter – All-Western Conference 3rd Team

Women’s Basketball
Rob Recknagel – Western Conference Coach of the Year
Krystal Geers – All-Region XII 1st Team, All-MCCAA, All-Western Conference 1st Team; All-Western Conference All-Defensive Team
Taylor Brown – All-Western Conference 3rd Team
Abby Rodriguez – All-Western Conference Honorable Mention

NJCAA All-Americans
133 lb – Zachary Cooper (3rd place)
149 lb – Tyler Stenberg (6th place)
197 lb – Donavan Fouchey – (4th place)


2013-14 Spring

Softball Awards
Most Valuable Player: Megan VanderWal
Silver Slugger Award: Megan Jean
Gold Glove Award: Jessica Gillings
Freshman of the Year Award: Alyson Behnke
Coaches Award: Meghan Birr
Jayhawk Softball “Hustle” Award: Amanda Chaffee

Baseball Awards
Most Valuable Player: Josh Wieten
Most Improved Player: Matt Jesse
Mr. Defense:  Kory Brown
Pitcher of the Year: Nick Keller
Freshman of the Year:  Kyle Lawson
Role Player of the Year: Brody Anderson
Charlie Hustle Award: Caleb Roberts
Coaches Award: Luke Bunting
The Intangible Award: Josh Wieten
The Consistency Award: Patrick Giddings
The Quality Award: Matt Jesse
Team Captain: Brandon Melchert
Team Captain: Kory Brown

Golf Awards
Low Man: Joel Maire
Most Improved: Ollie Shepardson
Coaches Award: Tyler Covell
Most Fairways Hit: Ollie Shephardson
Most Greens Hit: Joel Maire
Fewest Putts: Tyler Covell

Two Year Award Winners
Amanda Chaffee – Softball
Megan VanderWal – Softball
Emily Peake – Softball
Jessica Gillings – Softball
Sydney Tharp – Softball
Mary Giudice – Softball
Zach Courtade – Baseball
Kory Brown – Baseball
Caleb Roberts – Baseball
Patrick Giddings – Baseball
Stephon Chandonnet – Baseball
Jason Ribecky – Baseball
Nick Keller – Baseball
Brandon Melchert – Baseball
Josh Wieten – Baseball
Brody Anderson – Baseball
Brad Keller – Baseball
Tyler Covell – Golf
Marcus Fry – Golf
Oliver Shepardson – Golf

MCCAA Awards

All-Region XII 1st Team
Megan Jean

Megan Jean
Megan VanderWal
All-Western Conference 1st Team
Megan Jean
Megan VanderWal

Western Conference Coach of the Year
Ryan Schalk

All-Western Conference 2nd Team
Alyson Behnke
Meghan Birr

All-Western Conference Honorable Mention
Emily Peake

Western Conference All-Freshman Team
Alyson Behnke
Meghan Birr
Megan Jean

NJCAA District G All-Tournament Team
Megan Jean 


All-Region XII 1st Team
Kory Brown

All-MCCAA 1st Team
Kory Brown
Nick Keller
Josh Wieten

All-MCCAA 2nd Team
Brandon Melchert
Damon Proctor
Jason Ribecky

MCCAA Coach of the Year
Cap Pohlman

MCCAA All-Freshman Team
Damon Proctor

All-Region XII 1st Team
Ollie Shephardson

Tyler Covell
Joel Maire

All-Western Conference 1st Team
Joel Maire
Ollie Shepardson

Western Conference All-Freshman Team
Joel Maire

Region XII All-Tournament Team
Ollie Shepardson

NJCAA National Tournament Qualifier
Ollie Shepardson



Women’s Cross Country – 3.37 GPA
Women’s Volleyball – 3.31 GPA
Women’s Soccer – 3.12 GPA
Women’s Bowling – 3.11 GPA

Lukas Gilmore (wrestling) 3.98 GPA
Amber Carmean (volleyball) 3.92 GPA
David Vanbergen (cross country) 3.87 GPA
Kory Brown (baseball) 3.82 GPA
Kyle Essenberg (bowling) 3.82 GPA

Tyler Covell (golf) 3.75 GPA
Eric Hilt (soccer) 3.75 GPA
Mathias Waterstradt (cross country) 3.71 GPA
Hannah Forner (soccer) 3.66 GPA



Eric Hilt – Men’s Soccer David Vanbergen – Men’s Cross Country
Amber Carmean – Volleyball Hannah Forner – Women’s Soccer
Elyse Ray – Volleyball Anna Carmean – Women’s Soccer
Brad Keller – Baseball Ashlee Taylor – Women’s Soccer
Jason Ribecky – Baseball Tehran Peffley-Rout – Women’s Soccer
Brandon Melchert – Baseball Meghan Birr – Volleyball/Softball
Patrick Giddings – Baseball Sydney Tharp – Softball
Kory Brown – Baseball Amanda Chaffee – Softball
Curtis Taylor – Golf Dylan Lewis – Men’s Bowling
Tyler Covell – Golf Kyle Essenberg – Men’s Bowling
Lukas Gilmore – Wrestling Caitlin Alviar – Women’s Bowling
Mathias Waterstradt – Men’s Cross Country Taylor Brown – Women’s Basketball



Logan Holland – Men’s Soccer Alyssa Panozzo – Women’s Soccer
Zach Sutton – Men’s Soccer Morgan Kantola – Women’s Soccer
Kyle Vedrode – Baseball Emily Peake – Softball
Nikole Heinig – Women’s Soccer Tim Loeffler – Men’s Bowling


MCC Athletes of the Year

Eric Hilt (Soccer) – Male Athlete of the Year
Beka German (Volleyball) – Female Athlete of the Year
Kory Brown (Baseball) – John G. Thompson Student-Athlete of the Year