Business Technology Lab (BTL)

Our mission is to educate and train students for employment as office professionals.

The Business Technology Lab is a self-paced, individualized learning environment.  The hours are flexible–day or night.  You determine the daily schedule necessary to complete weekly assignments.  You may sign up for a course in the Business Technology Lab at ANY TIME during the fall and winter semester and still receive 15 weeks OR use 7.5 weeks to work at an accelerated level.

Please see an instructor in the lab or Blackboard for a copy of the current semester hours.


Abby Roetman
Office: (231) 777-0390

All students enrolled in the Business Technology Lab must attend an orientation session.  The orientation is offered at various times on the first day of class. The orientation times will be emailed to the student and posted in blackboard. The Business Technology Lab is located in Room 260—under the Overbrook Theater on the east side of the building.  Students are asked to call one of the above numbers if there is a scheduling conflict.

The purpose of orientation is to:  fill out your paperwork, obtain your syllabus, learn about our policies and procedures, find out what to do the first day, receive instruction on day-to-day procedures, receive Weekly Schedule of assignments, ask questions on the course and meet the instructors, find out if you meet the prerequisite requirements, and learn about Student Responsibilities.

Assignments are due on a weekly basis. It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from a course.  If all assignments including quizzes and tests are not completed, the student will receive an E for the course.

Courses offered in the Business Technology Lab:  A brochure is available in the Business Education Department office or in the Business Technology Lab detailing those courses offered in the Business Technology Lab.