New Entrepreneurial Programs

Video of Stacey Bierling, owner of SB Design

Welcome to Muskegon Community College (MCC) Entrepreneurial Studies Webpage. MCC recognizes the importance of entrepreneurs to the counties it serves. How important are they? Check out these statements:

  • “Small businesses have always been the engine of our economy … creating 65 percent of all new jobs over the past decade and a half … and they must be at the forefront of our recovery.” President Obama – October 24, 2009
  • “Let’s make our state the best in the country when it comes to supporting our own entrepreneurs.” Governor Snyder – State of the State Address 2011
  • “I think we can agree that the economic future of our state rests, in large part, on our ability to attract and retain young entrepreneurs and professionals who are focused on growing companies and creating jobs.” Brandon McNaughton – Life Magnetics, a Michigan Startup company

Whether you are thinking about starting up a business or already own one and want to grow it, MCC and the community has programs in place that can help you succeed. Roll over the buttons above to follow your passion.