Career Resources

Major & Career Exploration (FOCUS 2)

Undecided on a major or on a career path within your major? The Career Services Center has a number of resources which may help with deciding on a career path and getting started on that path. Please start by taking the FOCUS 2.This will help give you a complete picture of your interests, values, personality, skills, and leisure activities using self assessment questionnaires, interest inventories, and personality testing.

College Majors & Career Search


Resumes & Cover Letters

Resumes and cover letters are some of the most critical tools on a job search. This page presents some brief advice on writing a resume or cover letter. For additional assistance, students and alumni can seek assistance from the staff of Careers Services Staff.

Resume Dos & Don’ts
Cover Letter Tips
O*NET Resource – career details including: education requirements, pay & future outlook
Occupational Outlook Handbook



Interviewing for a job can be a challenging process, but you can avoid the stress and worry by preparing beforehand.

Common Interview Questions
Tips for Interview Success 



It’s never too early to start networking. And if you want a job when you complete your diploma, you’ve got to know people in the industry in which you want to work.

6 Ways to Network While You Are in College