College Success Seminar

College Success Seminar equips students with the tools necessary to succeed in today’s competitive college environment. Students who need to enroll in two or more developmental courses or need support with overall study skills and college success strategies should take CSS 100A. It is recommended for all students during their first semester at MCC.

Content areas include:

  • Motivation
    • Identifying values, beliefs, and attitudes
    • Monitoring emotions when faces with academic challenges
    • Curtailing self-defeating habits
    • Focusing on controllable behaviors
  • Study Strategies
    • Demonstrating critical thinking skills
    • Focusing on how the brain works
    • Implementing time management, note-taking, test-taking, reading, and communication strategies
  • Community and Connections
    • Building trust with peers and instructors
    • Exploring campus resources including academic advisors, financial aid representatives, and the library
  • Finding Direction
    • Setting and working toward academic, personal, and occupational goals
    • Setting coursework for future semesters
    • Identifying skills and competencies to build while in college

Students are encouraged to call, email or stop by the College Success Center for more information.

Course Description

CSS 100a College Success Seminar –3 Credit Hours/3 Contact Hours.  This course helps develop and reinforce the skills, abilities, and behaviors that promote academic and personal success: effective note taking, productive study skills, reading and remembering, critical thinking, library skills, basic computer skills, free career and job resources, stress management, relationships and winning attitudes.

For more information, contact:

CSS 100 Coordinator:
Hollie Benson
(231) 777-0331

CSC Educational Support Staff:
Pauline Keith
(231) 777-0392