Math Courses

Lead Instructor:
J.B. Meeuwenberg
(231) 777-0486

Marcia Truxton
(231) 777-0259

If you need a good review of your basic math skills or are a bit apprehensive about Beginning Algebra, the College Success Center offers several math courses for you.  These courses will prepare you to go on to Math 040 and help you overcome any math anxiety from which you may be suffering.  Don’t let the lack of a good foundation or math anxiety stop you from reaching your career goals. Let us help!


MATH 035F – Metrics (0.5 credit hours)
Assignment by a placement test for pre-nursing students only
Learn how to perform metric conversions as well as convert between the English and metric systems of measurement.  Students meet with an instructor in a one-on-one setting for 15 minutes each week.  This format requires students to do a bit more work independently, but with the advantage of individual instruction.  The course is 7 weeks long and is offered once each semester.

MATH 036a – Basic Math (3 credit hours)
Assignment by COMPASS placement test (0 – 39 on Pre-Algebra)
In this traditional, face-to-face course, students will learn how to work with fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions, percents, English and metric measurements, basics of geometry, as well an introduction to variables and negative numbers.  The dreaded issue of “math anxiety” will also be addressed.  This course is not part of a degree program.

MATH 038 – Pre-Algebra (3 credit hours)
Assignment by COMPASS placement test (40 – 49 on Pre-Algebra or 0 – 25 on Algebra)
This course is designed for students who have mastered basic arithmetic but are not yet prepared for algebra.  Basic math topics are expanded upon and algebra topics such as solving basic equations, factoring, and graphing are introduced.  This course is not part of a degree program.

MATH 036FT/038FT  – Fast-Track Basic Math and Pre-Algebra (6 credit/8 contact hours)
Recommended for students who score 28-39 on the Compass Pre-Algebra and are Ready to Succeed.
The FAST-TRACK program covers both Math 036 and Math 038 in one semester. Students spend six hours every week in class and finish each course in eight weeks.  Because of the accelerated format, there are several requirements:

  • You must attend 2 hours of Supplemental Instruction each week.
  • You must satisfy the Ready to Succeed requirement by testing out of any developmental reading courses

Click here for more details, including the schedule.

MATH 038/040  – Fast-Track Pre-Algebra and Introductory Algebra (7 credit/7 contact hours)
Recommended for students who test directly into Math 038.
This option is being offered for the first time in Fall 2014.  Students will cover both Math 038 and Math 040 in one semester.  This option covers Math 038 in the first 6 weeks and Math 040 in the last 8 weeks.  Students spend six hours every week in class. Because of the accelerated format, students must attend 2 hours of Supplemental Instruction each week.

Note: Supplemental instruction from the math paraprofessional is available for any of the College Success Center math courses listed above.