Writing Center

College Success Center
Room 3081

The MCC Writing Center is designed to develop better writers. This semester, appointments will take place online in a 20-minute Zoom meeting or on campus in the College Success Center (Room 3081). This provides an excellent chance to get some help with an assignment no matter where you are in the process. You may just want to meet to discuss a possible thesis or talk about the different directions you can go with an assignment, or you may want to get specific feedback on your completed paper before you turn it in.

  • If you have a paper or assignment that you would like feedback on, you can email it to writingcenter@muskegoncc.edu the day before your appointment. Otherwise, just show up ready to discuss your topic.
  • Include the assignment information from your instructor to help us focus our comments in the most helpful way.
  • Include any specific questions or areas of concern that you would like covered during your appointment.

Make An Appointment
To make an appointment, click on the icon below and select a date and time.






The Writing Center Fall 2022 Schedule

Sunday  4:00-7:00
Monday    9:00-6:00
Tuesday   9:30-3:30
Wednesday   9:30-6:00
Thursday   9:00-6:00
Friday   11:00-3:00

Contact Us
If none of these times work for you or if you have a quick question that needs an answer before the next available appointment, please email writingcenter@muskegoncc.edu for additional options.