Catering Policies and Provisions

Catering Due Dates

10 Business Days Prior
Menu selection and estimated number of guests count is due.  Please note minimums on your catering selections.

Wednesday (one week prior) before noon
Final catering selections, final guest count, service time, any special dietary needs, and signed confirmation is due.

Less than 5 business days prior
A late charge of $25 is added to any catering ordered received less than 5 business days prior to an event.


Thank you for choosing Muskegon Community College Food Service to cater your special event!  As early planning is the key to any successful event, MCC Food Service requires the observance of the following provisions we have established to accommodate you in the most efficient way.

Is there a minimum in catering orders?
Yes.  In the evening, starting at 4 pm, there is a minimum order of $50 per serving time.  On the weekend, there is a minimum order of $100 per serving time.

What if I or my guest(s) have a special dietary need/request?
If you or your guest(s) have a special dietary request, please discuss this with Conference & Catering.  We can provide a special meal suitable to their diet.  Conference & Catering will need to know of any special dietary requests at the time the final catering count is due.

Will a food service staff member be present for my event?
Catering orders, other than dinner buffets, will not include service staff throughout the event unless prior arrangements have been made.

How long before food is removed from my event?
In keeping within MCC food standards pertaining to freshness and holding temperature of foods, all items will be picked up 2 hours after the delivery time. Credit cannot be issued for any leftover food or unused items.

What if I need to cancel my event?
Food functions must be cancelled by noon the Wednesday, one week prior to your event.  Cancellations neglecting this deadline will be responsible  for all costs, including any labor incurred while preparing for this event.

If MCC is closed due to weather or any other unforeseen reasons, any catering for that day(s) scheduled events will be cancelled without fees to the client and the client is able to reschedule the event.  If the College is open and the client chooses to cancel due to weather, a cancellation fee may apply.

What if I want to decorate the space?
All event decorations and individual table centerpieces are the responsibility of the customer.  *Items NOT allowed include:  candles, glitter, confetti and heavy tape.  All decorations need to be approved by the Conference & Catering Office.

Are any items compostable (biodegradable)?
Yes!  Most items served on campus and events are with eco-friendly, compostable (biodegradable) dining ware.  We provide hot/cold cups, forks, knives, spoons, plates and napkins that can go into the compostable bins instead of trash bins.

When will I receive an invoice?
MCC will invoice all groups 1-2 weeks following the event.  MCC food service employees may not accept money or checks for charged catering.  Listed food prices do not include sales tax (6%) or service fee (18%).  If your organization is tax exempt, please provide Conference & Catering Services your non-profit/tax exempt number prior to your event.  Some events require a deposit of half of the total amount, one week prior to the event.  The remaining balance will be invoiced following the event.

*Muskegon Community College is a closed venue to outside food sources and other caterers.  All food/beverages served on the main campus of MCC must be arranged through the Conference & Catering Services Office (including desserts and specialty cakes).  Food/beverages served at the Sturrus Technology Center and the MCC Ottawa Center can only be provided by a pre-approved caterer. Call Conference & Catering Services for the pre-approved list of caterers.