Media Equipment

Please remember to check with your presenters to ensure that all of their audio/visual needs are met.  If a presenter does not return your call, it does not necessarily mean that they do not need any equipment.

Ordering the proper audio/visual equipment for your presenter will help make your event a great success. MCC does have built-in wireless internet connection on campus. Smartcarts are directly connected for internet connection and presenter laptops can be connected with an included RGB cable.  Mac computer users will need to bring in their own cord.

All items are based on availability and must be ordered prior to final signed event contract.

Conference Phone $15.00
Microphone – Wired Hand-Held $20.00
Microphone – Wireless Hand-Held $20.00
Microphone – Wireless Lavaliere $25.00
Wireless Laser Pointer and Presenter $10.00
Flat-Screen Presentation Cart $25.00
Document Camera $25.00
Web Camera $25.00
Tech Support $30.00