Char Parker

Photo of Char Parker

My Background

  • Hometown: Muskegon, MI
  • High School: Muskegon High School
  • Professional Experience: I am a full-time Computer Information Systems instructor. I started at MCC in 2002. Prior to MCC, I have been a business/information systems manager, programmer, and have 14 years of previous college teaching experience.
  • Academic Degrees: BS Computer Information Systems - Aquinas College, MA Educational Leadership - Western Michigan University,
  • Classes Taught: CIS100 Introduction to Personal Computers CIS120A Introduction to Computer Information Systems CIS121 File Design and Utilities for Midrange Computers (IBM i) CIS131 Operations and Commands for Midrange Computers (IBM i) CIS170 RPG Programming (IBM i) CIS185 C Programming CIS270A Advanced RPG Programming (IBM i) CIS280 Java Programming

More About Me

  • I regularly attend IBM user group conferences and often take students with me.
  • I first became interested in computers when studying to become a keypunch operator
  • Sometimes I dream in code.
  • I received the 2014 Outstanding Statewide Educator Award