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Social Sciences
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My Background

  • High School: 1972 to 1974: Lakewood Senior High School, Lakewood, California.
  • Professional Experience: August 1989 to present: Muskegon Community College, Muskegon, Michigan.
     Continuing contract Instructor of Political Science.
     Social Sciences Department Chair from 1997 to 2002.
     Coordinator for the Social Sciences Department Scholarships.
     Teach:
     Intro. to American Government
     U.S. History 1877 – present
     Honors Political Science
     Contemporary Issues in U.S. Government

    January 1985 to June 1989: Long Beach City College, Long Beach, California and Cypress College, Cypress, California
     Adjunct instructor of Political Science
     Dealt with both vocational and transfer students.
     Taught:
     Intro. to American Government
     Comparative World Governments
     Contemporary Issues in U.S. Government.
    March 1982 to November 1985: Instructional Associate at Long Beach City College
     Dealt almost exclusively with vocational education students.
     Served as a liaison between Long Beach City College and the Long Beach Naval Shipyard Apprentice Training Program.
    July 1981 to December 1981: Librarian I, City of Anaheim Library, 500 West Broadway, Anaheim, California.
    May 1980 to September 1980: Recreation Coordinator for the City of Hawaiian Gardens Recreation Department, Hawaiian Gardens, California
    June 1976 to July 1979:
     Assistant Sports Director, editor/announcer for news, sports, and classical music, at KWSU-AM (Pullman, Washington - National Public Radio Station). Student laboratory assistant for the Waxy Pollen Project, Program in Genetics, Washington State University.
    1974 to 1977:
     Sports Director, and board operator at KLON-FM (Long Beach, California - National Public Radio Station).
     Led successful petition drive to keep sports programming on the air.
     President, Treasurer, and Sports Director at KVOC (student radio station - Long Beach City College).
    1972 to 1976: Instructor for Herbold's Hustlers Baseball School, and Recreation I leader for the City of Lakewood.
    1972 to 1985: Baseball, football, and basketball official for the City of Lakewood, California, City of Pullman, Washington, Washington State University, City of Bellflower, California and various youth sports leagues.
  • Academic Degrees: M.A. Degree in Political Science., Washington State University, Pullman, Washington. Pluralism, Class-hegemony/Elitism, and the Environment: Political Linkage, Policy Formation, and Policy Implementation 1960-1984., B.A. Degree in Political Science, Washington State University Major areas: Public Policy, Public Law, Political Theory and Methodology, and Public Administration. Minors: History/Diplomacy (American and European: 1900 - present), and Labor Economics., A.A. Degree in Political Science, Long Beach City College, Long Beach, California. Graduated with honors. Major areas: Public Administration, and Public Law. Minor: Communications (radio/T.V. broadcasting).
  • Classes Taught: PSCI-111, PSCI-205

More About Me

 Born May 24, 1956.
 Married.
 Grandfather of two boys and one girl.
 Met my wife at M.C.C. in 1989.
 Married in 1996 on the M.C.C. campus.
 As you can tell, I like to rush into things.
 Wife has a daughter from a previous marriage. I adopted her in 1997.
When younger:
 I played football, basketball, and baseball.
 True love was baseball.
 Played on a very successful team at Lakewood High School (California).
 Scouted, but during my senior year of high school I realized that I would not be playing professional baseball.
 Many of my teammates did.
While in high school and community college (California):
 Did radio broadcasting for NPR affiliate KLON-FM in Long Beach.
 Play-by-play announcing for Long Beach City College football, basketball, and baseball.
 Broadcast many high school and community college playoff and championship games.
 Some football broadcasts for California State University at Long Beach.
 Broadcast football, basketball, and baseball games for the six local high schools (Long Beach, California).
I like sports, reading, movies, cultural and physical activities.
 While alive (he died in my hands on my 19th birthday-1975) was a physician.
 Stayed at home until the children were grown.
 Took college classes here and there.
 My sister and I actually took some college classes with my mother.
 In her mid 50s, my mom received her A.A. in accounting (Long Beach City College).
 Died in 1998 after a long debilitating illness.
Oldest sister: Has some college credit.
Oldest brother: Has a B.A. in Economics, B.S. in Business, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Genetics. Started and sold numerous companies. Currently teaches as an adjunct at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo.
Second oldest sister: Has a B.A. in Psychology and did some graduate work in Philosophy.

I am the baby.
 I spend way too much time on the computer.
 I can be serious to irreverent depending on the situation.
 If you have any questions about my past, or me, please feel free to ask.
 I look forward to meeting you online or in my office.

The job of a Political Scientist is to analyze the political world.
The obligation of a citizen in a democracy is to participate in that political world.
We must always remember that politics can be used for good or evil.
Voters beware!