Jenny Klingenberg

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My Background

  • Hometown: Ludington, MI
  • Professional Experience: I began teaching at MCC in 2003. I love the English language: its underlying structures, the marks that centuries and cultures have left on it, and the innovative ways we use (some would say abuse) it. That's why Intro to Comp (ENG 091) and The Nature of Language (ENG 210) are my favorite classes to teach. I also like to show students that the research-informed writing they do in ENG 101 is not overwhelming and burdensome (as they often fear it will be) but manageable and meaningful. My non-classroom work is also rewarding. In my time at MCC, I have served as Phi Theta Kappa Adviser, Honors Coordinator, member of the Re-accreditation Steering Committee, Department Chair, Achieving the Dream Co-Chair, English 091 Ambassador, and representative to several committees, councils, and boards. Finally, I don't just teach writing; I do it, too. I've written a chapter for the Higher Learning Commission Annual Report, a Literature Discipline Review, Achieving the Dream Annual Reflection Narratives, several Information Literacy Modules, and a draft of a textbook (in development).
  • Academic Degrees: B.A. in English Language and Literature from Lake Superior State University, M.A. in Literature and Pedagogy from Northern Michigan University,
  • Classes Taught: ENG 091 - Introduction to English Composition , ENG 101 - English Composition , ENG 102 - English Composition , ENG 210 - The Nature of Language

More About Me

  • ­I spend weekends exploring West Michigan with my husband and my five-year-old son.
  • Running makes me happy.
  • My guilty pleasure is listening to travel literature (Peter Mayle), historical fiction (Ken Follett), and British chick lit (Jojo Moyes) on Audible during my commute from Holland.