Jim Allen

Theater Technician
Arts and Humanities
Photo of Jim Allen

My Background

  • Hometown: : Traverse City, MI
  • High School: Traverse City High School
  • Professional Experience: Teaching - Univ of Minnesota Duluth, Baylor Univ., Wright State Univ
  • Academic Degrees: B.A., Michigan State , MFA, Wayne State University
  • Classes Taught: Intro to Technical Theater

More About Me

  • My first time in Muskegon was as the Production Stage Manager and Lighting Designer for the Cherry County Playhouse.
  • I spent 2 months on tour in Poland and Russia as PM and LD with the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company
  • I love to sail, even though my boat is grounded due to damage 🙁
  • I am a scuba diver, and my favorite phrase is “Be nice to scuba divers -we know places where you will never be found”
  • With my theatrical design business I have been in almost every state in the continental US