John Johnson

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My Background

  • Hometown: Grant, Michigan
  • Professional Experience: I have held positions in software development in companies ranging from utility services and insurance, to retail and education holding positions from applications developer, programmer analyst, project manager, network manager and supervisor. I am a full time Computer Information Systems instructor for the Business Department and have been teaching at MCC since 2006 with over 30 years of experience in the field. Courses that I currently teach include introductory courses, web development courses, .NET development courses, systems analysis and user support (help desk)
  • Academic Degrees:
    Bachelors of Business Data Processing - Ferris State University,
    Masters of Education - Ferris State University,
  • Classes Taught:
    •CIS 100 Introduction to Personal Computers
    •CIS 102 Intermediate Electronic Spreadsheets
    •CIS 109 Personal Computer Maintenance I
    •CIS 110 Computer Concepts
    •CIS 120A Introduction to Computer Information Systems
    •CIS 162 Visual C#.NET Programming
    •CIS 177DW Introduction to HTML Editors
    •CIS 201 Help Desk - User Support
    •CIS 209 Personal Computer Maintenance II
    •CIS 228 JavaScript
    •CIS 250 Developing Information Systems

More About Me

  • Enjoy building and repairing computers
  • Enjoy building furniture and children’s toys
  • Being outdoors is relaxing whether it is skiing in the winter, bicycling or golfing in the summer, or swimming in Lake Michigan
  • Handling auto body repairs for my own vehicles