Leroy Hackley

Adjunct Faculty
Photo of Leroy Hackley

My Background

  • Hometown: Culpepper, VA
  • High School: Culpepper County High School, Culpepper, VA
  • Professional Experience: I was in University Recreation for 20 years. I was at U of Iowa for 2 years, Eastern Michigan University for 4 years and Grand Valley for 14. I have also taught as an adjunct in the PE department at GVSU and Aquinas Colleges.
  • Academic Degrees: BA in Recreation Administration from Bethany College (Kansas), MA Recreation Education from University of Iowa
  • Classes Taught: I teach 3 sections of Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition and one section of Weight Training.

More About Me

  • One of 14 kids – same Mom, same Dad and all single births
  • I’m a big TV trivia nut
  • I officiate Women’s College basketball
  • I have three grown sons and two grandcubs
  • My regular job is a High School Athletic Director
  • I’ve been married for 35 years