Child Development Associate (AAS)

Students are focused on understanding the development of children from birth to eight years of age through hands-on practical fieldwork and classroom instruction. An emphasis will be placed on an anti-bias curriculum covering the physical, intellectual, emotional and social domains of development. Students will be prepared for the Child Development Associate (CDA) assessment process, as part of the national credential recognized by the Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition. The degree prepares students to be preschool teachers, child care center directors, Head Start teachers, teacher aides and classroom assistants. This program is intended for direct employment into the field of early childhood education.

Source: MCC 2021-22 Catalog

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ENG 101 3
English Composition
BCOM 102 3
Advanced Bus and Tech Communications
Choose One (1) Course From: 3-4
BUS 126 Business Math
MATH 105 Math for Elementary Teachers
Choose One (1) Course From: 3
BUS 127 Human Relations
COM 101 Oral Communications
Choose One (1) Course From: 3
CIS 110 Computer Concepts
CIS 120A Intro to Computer Information Systems
Choose One (1) Course From: 3-4
GEOG 104 Cultural Geography
PHIL 205 Business Ethics
PSCI 111 Intro to American Government
PSCI 211 Comparative Governments
PSYC 102 Applied Psychology
PSYC 201 General Psychology
One credit hour from: PEA 101A, PEA 103,
PEA 104A, PEA 118 or PEA 201 and
one PEA/DNC credit hour of choice
ED 109A 3
The Parent-Child Connection
ED 111A 3
Intro to Early Childhood Education
ED 120C 3
Anti-Bias Curriculum in Early Childhood
ED 210 3
Child Care and Guidance
ED 211A 3
Behavior Management
ED 214A 3
Infant and Toddler Development and Care
ED 216A 3
Educating Exceptional Children
ED 220B 2
Early Childhood Observation & Assessment
ED 230A 3
Children’s Literature
ED 252B 3
Child Development Practicum
Choose One (1) Course From: 3
ED 225A Child Development
ED 250A Human Growth and Learning
CSS 100A 2
College Success Seminar
ED 200A 3
Literacy Birth to Five
ED 202A 3
Teaching of Reading in the Elementary School
ED 223A 3
Child Care Administration
ED 234A 3
Education Psychology
ED 251A 3
Health Needs of the Young Child
MATH 100A 4
Intermediate Algebra
MU 192 4
Music for the Classroom Teacher
SOC 101 3
Principles of Sociology
TH 108 3
Theater for Children
Total 62
Total Fieldwork Hours 480