Computer Networking Entrepreneur (EAAS)

This program provides students with fundamental skills to own and operate a Computer Networking Services business. Students acquire the ability to diagnose and solve hardware and operating systems problems as well as learn how to perform operating system installations and configurations. They can describe file system organizations, evaluate system policies and optimize those policies. In addition, students utilize Directory Services, implement security accounts and permissions along with learning how to improve server performance. By completing this program students can identify the layers of the Open Systems Interconnect model and other critical communication models. They can describe the principles of wired and wireless network communications and explain native Ethernet and advanced Ethernet systems. Students have an understanding of the principles employed in telecommunications and wide-area networks and write error-free computer programs. As part of their coursework students design and engineer a corporate level network while preparing to avoid malware and unwanted intrusions of computers and networks. This program introduces students to the challenges involved with setting up and troubleshooting networks for other organizations and the issues faced by a new business.

Source: MCC 2018-19 Catalog

ENG 101 3
English Composition
BCOM 102 3
Advanced Bus and Tech Communications
CIS 120A 3
Intro to Computer Information Systems
PHIL 205 3
Business Ethics
Choose One (1) Course From: 3-4
BUS 126
Business Math
MATH 109
College Algebra with Applications
MATH 115
Probability and Statistics or Higher Level Math Course
Choose One (1) Course From: 3
BUS 127 Human Relations
COM 101 Oral Communications
Choose One (1) Course From: 1
HE 110
Industrial Safety and Workplace Training
PEA/DNC Any Physical Education or Dance Course
BUS 131 1
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BUS 167 1
BUS 223 4
Starting Your Business Plan
BUS 240 3
Entrepreneurship Capstone
Choose One (1) Course From: 3
BUS 161A Effective Selling
BUS 220 E-Business
BUS 204 eMarketing
BUS 290CI 2
Cooperative Internship Program
CIS 109 2
Personal Computer Maintenance
CIS 142 3
Windows Client Administration
CIS 143 3
Introduction to Local Area Networks
CIS 183 3
Networking Technologies
CIS 209 3
Personal Computer Maintenance II
(A+ Certification)
CIS 243 3
CIS 275 3
Linux Operating System
CIS 283A 3
Advanced Server Administration
CIS 293A 3
Network Security
CIS 185 3
 C Programming
Total 62