Food Processing Technology (AAS)

The food industry is the world’s largest industry. This multi-billion dollar industry employs many thousands of food processing specialists and scientists. There are more positions available for food scientists than graduates to fill them. The MCC curriculum, paired with courses in the Michigan State University Food Processing Certificate Program, prepares students for mid-level and managerial employment in food processing operations. Students will earn an MSU certificate while also working towards an associate degree. MSU Transfer Students: Students wishing to transfer to MSU as juniors must meet with the program coordinator during their first semester to alter general education courses to meet MSU requirements.

Source: MCC 2021-22 Catalog

Choose Two (2) Courses From 6
ENG 101 English Composition and BCOM 102 Advanced Business & Technical Communications
ENG 101 English Composition and ENG 102 English Composition
BIOL 121 LEC Plant Biology Lecture 3
BIOL 121 LAB Plant Biology Laboratory 1
BUS 127  Human Relations 3
HE 110  Industrial Safety and Workplace Training 1
Choose (1) Course from: 3
CIS 110 Computer Concepts
CIS 120A  Intro to Computer Information Systems
FS 101L&L  Intro to Food Science and Process 3
AMT 150  Process Troubleshooting & Problem Solving 3
Choose One (1) Course From: 3-4
MATH 100A Intermediate Algebra
TMAT 101A Technical Math I
TMAT 102A Technical Math II
TMAT 201 Technical Math III
MATH 111 Algebra with Coordinate Geometry
ACC 100 Fundamentals of Accounting 3
BUS 122  Principles of Management 3
BUS 125  Supervision 3
BUS 131  Intro to Entrepreneurship 1
ELTC 101AL&L Electricity-Basic 4
ELTC 103  Residential Wiring 3
ELTC 150  Industrial Electricity 3
HP 101  Hydraulics/Pneumatics 3
W 101A  Basic Welding 3
QC 101  Basic Quality Control 3
BIOL 207A  Microbiology Lab 1
PHIL 207  Environmental Ethics 3
SPAN 101  Basic Spanish 4
SPAN 102  Basic Spanish 4
SPAN 150 Intensive Basic Spanish 4
SPAN 201  Intermediate Spanish 4
SPAN 202  Intermediate Spanish 4
BIOL 109 L&L  Food Technology 4
BIOL 113L&L Introductory Biology 4
ENV 110L&L Environmental Science 4
CHEM 100LEC Fundamentals of Chemistry 4
CHEM 100A Fundamentals of Chemistry Lab 1
CHEM 101LEC General and Inorganic Chemistry 4
CHEM 101A General and Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory 1
PSYCH 201 General Psychology 4
ECON 101A Principles of Macroeconomics 4
ECON 102A Principles of Microeconomics 4
ASL 101 American Sign Language I 3
BUS 260 Principles of Marketing 3
BUS 221 Small Business Management 3
BUS 223 Starting Your Business Plan 3
BUS 240 Entrepreneurial Capstone 3

MSU Occupational Specialty Requirements Credits: 34


ABM 100 Decision Making in the Agri-Food Systems 3
AT 193 Agricultural Technology Clerkship 2
AT 293 Professional Internship 3
FSC 111 Foundational Concepts in Food Processing and Technology 3
FSC 112 Seminar in Food Processing, Technology and Safety 1
FSC 113 Basic Commodity Overview Food Processing and Technology 3
FSC 114 Food Processing and Technology Facilities Management 3
FSC 125 Food Processing and Technology Unit Operations 2
FSC 240 Applied Food Processing and Technology Microbiology 2
FSC 241 Safety Principles and Regulations in Food Process and Technology 3
FSC 242 Applied Food Processing and Technology Chemistry 2
Select two of the following four courses (4 credits)
FSC 230 Fruit and Vegetable Processing 2
FSC 231 Cereals Processing 2
FSC 232 Dairy Foods Processing 2
FSC 233 Muscle Foods Processing 2


Complete a minimum of 3 elective credits in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources as approved by the program coordinator in the Institute of Agricultural Technology. Must send Muskegon CC an original MSU transcript with certificate noted for transfer acceptance

AT 290 Unmanned Aircraft FAA
HRT 221 Greenhouse Structures and Management Grape Production
HRT 234 Current Issues in Viticulture and Entomology Greenhouses for Protected Cultivation
HRT 243 Organic Transplant Production Principles and Practices
HRT 253 Compost Production and Use Management
HRT 2xx Vegetable Production and Management
AE 131 Water Resources Management
AT 291 Application of Animal Agriculture
AT 291 Michigan Pollination & Bee Keeping
AT 291 General Ag Employee Management
HRT 232 Principles and Practices of Grape Production
HRT 242 Passive Solar Greenhouses for Protected Cultivation
HRT 251 Organic Farming Principles and Practices
HRT 2xx2 Tree Fruit Production and Management
ABM 130 Farm Management I
AT 291 Unmanned Aircraft FAA
AT 291 Agricultural Transportation