Visual Art Entrepreneur (AAS)

This degree program provides Visual Art students with the basic skills for a variety of entrepreneurial avenues such as self-employed artist, art promoter, gallery representative, or commercial art gallery owner/director. Along with acquiring practical business concepts, the student also develops basic hands-on skills through a variety of two and three-dimensional studio experiences traditionally associated with foundation-level undergraduate art degrees. Study in art from historical and contemporary viewpoints to help gain insights into the cultural significance of art and the interrelationship of art and society is also stressed. The student then concludes the degree with an overview of professional practices in art and further hands-on experience in gallery/museum operations. Students completing this program are made aware of many of the challenges they will face when starting and operating a business.

Source: MCC 2022-23 Catalog

ENG 101 3
English Composition
BCOM 102 3
Advanced Bus and Tech Communications
BUS 126 3
Business Math
CIS 120A 3
Intro to Computer Information Systems
HE 110 1
Industrial Safety and Workplace Training
PHIL 205 3
Business Ethics
Choose One (1) Course From: 3
BUS 127 Human Relations
COM 101 Oral Communications
Choose One (1) Course From: 1
PEA 101A, PEA 103, PEA 104A, PEA 118, or PEA 201
BUS 131 1
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Choose One (1) Course From: 3
BUS 161A Effective Selling
BUS 220 E-Business
BUS 204 eMarketing
BUS 167 1
BUS 223 4
Starting Your Business Plan
BUS 240 3
Entrepreneurship Capstone
ART 104 3
Drawing I
ART 105B 3
Two-Dimensional Form and Surface
ART 198 3
Art History I
ART 199 3
Art History II
ART 202 3
Contemporary Art History
ART 204B 3
Drawing II-Transfer Portfolio Preparation
ART 240 3
Professional Practices in Art
ART 250 3
Gallery/Collection Practicum
ART 290CI 3
Art Cooperative Internship
Choose One (1) Course From: 3
ART 108 Ceramics I
ART 109 Sculpture I
ART 117 Three-Dimensional Form and Space
Total 62