CAD/CNC Certificate

This program is designed to provide Computer Aided Design skills (CAD) combined with the application of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) programming and machining skills. Upon completing this program students will be prepared to work as a CNC programmer, CNC operator, CNC draftsman, CAD designer, or CAD programmer. This program is not designed for students wishing to transfer to a four-year college for a bachelor’s degree. Students planning to transfer should consult with an MCC counselor. This is intended to go directly into the workforce.

Source: MCC 2022-23 Catalog

CAD 110 3
Intro to Computer-Aided Drafting (2D)
CAD 150 3
Blueprint Reading
CAD 210 3
Parametric Design I-Part Modeling
CAD 250 3
Introduction to Solidworks 3D
MT 101B 4
Basic Machining
MT 150 3
Machinery Handbook
MT 205A 3
NC/CNC (Computer Numerical Control)
MT 206A 3
2-D CAD/CAM Computer-Aided Design/Machining
MT 216 3
3-D CAD/CAM Computer-Aided Design/Machining
Choose One (1) Course from: 3-4
MATH 100A Intermediate Algebra
TMAT 120A Technical Math II
TMAT 201 Technical Math III
MATH 111 Algebra with Coordinate Geometry (Recommended for Transfer)
Total 31-32