Entrepreneurship Certificate

This certificate is designed for community members or students who have a specific idea for starting a business and want to follow one of two paths: 1) create a business plan while at the same time refine their business idea with the desire to start their business within the next five years, or, 2). Create/refine their business plan and start their business as soon as possible after completing the Certificate.

BUS 131 1
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BUS 204 3
Choose One (1) Course from: 3
BUS 161A
Effective Selling
BUS 220
BUS 166 3
Quality Customer Service
BUS 223 4
Starting Your Business Plan
BUS 240 3
Entrepreneurship Capstone

Source: MCC 2019-20 Catalog

Documents for this certificate have been submitted to the Department of Education. At the time this catalog was printed this certificate had not been approved for federal financial aid funding. The approval process may take several months. Please check with MCC’s Financial Aid Office or Counseling and Advising Center for current information regarding this certificate’s eligibility for federal financial aid funding.