Healthcare Support Assistant Certificate

The Healthcare Support Assistant Certificate prepares the graduate to offer high level customer service, organize and document care of patients, use electronic health records and provide for basic patient care needs in supervised healthcare settings or in the home. Students must achieve a passing grade in each course in the certificate to earn this certificate.

Source: MCC 2022-23 Catalog

AH 101 3
Medical Terminology
AH 106 3
Fundamentals of Health Care Delivery
*AH 107 5
Nurse Aide / Home Health Aide
AH 196 3
Electronic Health Records
BUS 166 3
Quality Customer Service
BUS 179 1
CIS 100 1
Introduction to Personal Computers
CIS 115WW 1
Introduction to Word Processing
HE 100A 2
Community First Aid and Safety
HE 106 3
Concepts of Health and Well-Being
TOTAL 23-25

Please see the MCC Counseling and Advising Center for the recommended sequence of classes.